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Author: Subject: For surfers.

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For surfers.

Surfboards - Care & Maintenance

Your Surfboard is always exposed to the harmful suné─˘s rays, saltwater, and different kinds of sea bottoms which, upon collision, can result to dings and scratches. With all these factors, it is essential to give your board the care and attention it deserves. Here are ways to help lengthen the life of your board and to keep it around for as long as possible:

* When the board is not in use, remember to always put it in a board bag. Keeping it covered can help restore their natural color.

* Keep your board in a proper place. Do not just dump it somewhere; instead, have a personal rack for your board to keep it secure. A personal Surfboard Rack that is installed on your wall is a better way to keep it secure and safe.

* Keep your board away from the sun and heat so as not to weaken your boardé─˘s fiberglass coating and caused it to be yellowish in color. Store it in a cool, shady place and don't forget to cover your board.

* Repair crack or any minor ding as soon as possible as this may cause problems. Prevent water from entering the inner foam of your board which can cause delamination and added weight to your board that can affect its performance.

* Don't forget to clean and strip off old Surfboard Wax from your boardé─˘s deck to check if there are any ding or cracks.

Taking good care of your Surfboard will ensure that it will last longer and will perform well every time you use it. Get the most out of your board. Make sure it is in good condition at all times.
As with all other backhand versions of Surfing Maneuvers, the Backside Bottom Turn is more difficult to do than its frontside counterpart. This also requires correct timing, proper weight placement and distribution, and speed.

Frontside Floater Frontside Floater
In Surfing, Floater refers to the maneuver which involves riding the lip of a breaking wave before falling down as it breaks. You can do it either frontside or backside. Learn how to do the Frontside Floater in this section.

Backside Floater Backside Floater
Just like in the Frontside Floater, the Backside Floater can be done to finish a ride when the wave is closing out or to set the pace for your next move.

As a safety guideline, make sure not to go beyond your limits. Surfing is both exciting and dangerous, and you certainly don't want to get injured, do you? Keep on practicing to improve your skills, stay safe, and enjoy the thrills of Surfing Maneuvers.

A guide to surf shops and surfing wipeouts

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