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Author: Subject: Body Boards!

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posted on 18-10-2006 at 11:05 Reply With Quote
Body Boards!

Hi there, Im new here been reasing all your posts and i thing perhaps you are the people to ask.

Im a "Stand-up" surfer as you guys call it, Im about 6ft and wondering whats the best body board to get. My dads got a Manta bodyboard.. The other day he let me give it a whirl... And i was standing up on it and 360's and all sorts.

Unfortunatly in a book my dads got it says that standing up on bodyboards can seriously damage them.. So i was wondering whats the best for me to buy (Any price range) that will do for what i want.



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posted on 5-4-2008 at 06:18 Reply With Quote
Surfboards - Types

Longboard is a type of Surfboard that is used in stand-up Surfing and ideal for beginners. Also known as Malibu board, this board is long, stable, and easy to paddle. Its height is around eight to ten feet long and comes with a soft top deck to avoid accidents such as hitting the deck with your head. This is more suitable for beginners because of its board size and its frequency of catching waves. Wider and larger boards are more buoyant which provides easier and better paddling. This is a great way to begin Surfing. However, because of its large size, people find it difficult to carry or manage especially on water.

Used mostly by skilled surfers, this is the most popular type of Surfing design. A Shortboard is between six and eight feet in length with a pointed nose and rounded tail. It is narrower and thinner compared to other types of Surfboards. You need to be an experienced surfer if you want to surf with a Shortboard since you need to stand in the center to be able to balance the board. Narrow and thinner boards also have less buoyancy in the water. This makes catching a wave more difficult. Eventhough Shortboards are highly maneuverable and versatile, they have a disadvantage of a slower paddle speed, making it more difficult for beginners to take off on wave.

Also called a Mini Mal, a Funboard is a combination of Longboard and Shortboard elements. It is usually seven to eight feet long with a rounded nose and a tail. Funboard is a blend of the speed of a Shortboard and the maneuverability of a Longboard. Its design allows it to catch waves more easily than a Shortboard and its shape makes it more maneuverable than a Longboard, which makes it a fun board to use, hence the name. Funboard is a popular type especially among beginners as well as those transitioning from longboarding to the more difficult shortboarding. The bottom rocker has a deep entry that allows for keeping the nose out of the water when the surfer is standing.

To ensure that you will have a fun and Safe Surfing experience, make sure to use the type of Surfboard which best suits your Surfing ability. Know the different kinds of boards out in the market today, check out their features, and choose what meets your requirements.

hope these helps.

A guide to surf shops and surfing wipeouts

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