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Dyfi Enduro 2011
justal - 2-5-2011 at 06:57

Epic Day, dry dusty trails, a band, a bar at the bottom of Dicko's and lots of pain and suffering.

My Dyfi Enduro 2011 Race Report

Video coming soon.


justal - 2-5-2011 at 07:00

Question is can my broken body cope with a windsurf session today. It's blowing a hoolie again - 35 knots out there at the moment - it would be rude not to give it a go.


justal - 2-5-2011 at 08:38

Here's my 2011 Dyfi Enduro Video


shem - 2-5-2011 at 13:02

You need climbs in it, faye thinks its a down hill ride now, haha

justal - 5-5-2011 at 05:10

Results are out.


Well done everyone! Best start training for next year now!

col123 - 5-5-2011 at 13:09

with those times training is needed ,but i think Shem needs a Throttle

justal - 5-5-2011 at 13:21

And where were you then Col? Too girly to even give it a go!!!


shem - 5-5-2011 at 20:27

haha, I bet u wouldnt get round that fast on a ktm even COL :p

I must admit, without the killer cramp, I shud have done it at least 30 mins quicker, but there ya go. The 2.42 time is just bonkers! He must climb at 20mph! :0

col123 - 6-5-2011 at 08:18

saving the world AL, some of us have to work.......a guy at work on another watch had been training for weeks only for a 15.00 part to break on his bike after 20mins...doh

foreversurf - 1-2-2012 at 12:48

How far is this race...? it sounds like something which I want to get involved in!

No pain, no gain! These are the words are say to myself before every training session, 25 mins in and I just want to go home!! happens every time.

justal - 1-2-2012 at 17:40

The distance varies each year but it is usually around 60-65km I think.