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Thurs Nov 11th - Dyfi Forest MTB Ride
justal - 10-11-2010 at 08:34

This week we are heading up into the Dyfi forest.

Looking to meet at the CimachX trailhead for 6:30 for a trip round the CimachX trail plus maybe the 3-in-1 trail, Builth or Elephant descents. We could add on a few more trails if riders want.

Obviously lights are a necessity this time of year, and if you have a head torch bring that as they are useful when you get back to the carts/or if someone has a mechanical. Change of clothing for the drive home is always nice, especially as the Dyfi is wet this time of year.

General Info

There is a group of 10ish transient and 4-5 regular é─˙hardcoreé─¨ riders who use this forum to arrange rides in and around Aber/Mach. We tend to ride in the evenings through the week, and at weekends (although less regularly) and also take part in Enduros.....

We will ride for 2-2Č? hours depending on the people who join us, at a social pace. Please feel welcome to join us at any time. Just post here so that we can expect you.