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SOLD OUT!!!Windsurfing gear clearance!!! Do not miss this!!!
tmigot - 28-8-2012 at 00:51

Hi guys,

I want to sell all my windsurf gears. I would rather sell everything as a bundle as i really need to sell it all but i can sell individual item as well.

Gunsail Freerace 7m =>30 although one panel as a cut but it's been taped before i got it and it works very well. So well i did not feel the need to repair the sail.
Neil Pride Supernova II 6.7m => 25 the sail was repaired the only damage is the the sleeve which does not interfere with the sailing at all.
Gunsail WaveMC 5.7m =>35
P@cific Synthesis 5.7m => 15 (works well, from my kit package).
Gunsail 5.3m => 40
Gunsail WaveMC 5.0 => 50
NeilPride Gore 4.7m =>35
NeilPride 4.4m => 15 (one panel is ripped) but once repaired it is a good sail or at worse can be used for the film, fabric and batons.
Ripped sail only worth for parts

Hawaiian ProLine 165-210cm => 25
Maui Magic Wave 135-195cm => 20
Heavy Duty Boom 180-240 => 15 (from my kit package)

NeilPride Wave 400/IMC19 carbon fibre => 25
NeilPride CK55 Slalom 400/IMC25 Carbon Kevlar 55% => 50
EasySurfing 460 => 15 (form my kit package)

Mistral Syncro 2008 124ltr + mint bag => 250
Fanatic Gecko 278 105ltr + bag + fin => 40

Aluminium extension tube 30cm => 15
Boge Mast plate + protection => 25
Tendon mast plate => 5 (broken tendon but can be bought for 10 in any surf store)

I have several fins that would have different prices but would be no more than 20 each.

I would be happy to sell everything as a bundle for 550 instead of about 750 (once counted individual item). Note I am always open for negotiation.

I live in prestonpans so feel free to PM me if you are interested in having a look or buying.


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