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Next board after an F2 Phoenix 320
wetnwindy - 30-10-2010 at 10:55

Hi All
I'm looking for some advice on what to buy next. I currently own a F2 Phoenix 320 188litres and have had some great fun on it. Knocked out 27mph yesterday at Exmouth but just too much rough water to go faster.

I'm never going to be a expert or wave sailor - seeing as I probably only get out 5 times a year. All I want is a fun, fast blasting board which is a bit smaller, but which I can still uphaul (waterstarts are OK but not totally reliable). What ideas do you have? I only have one sail at the moment - Tushingham Storm 5.6.
I weigh 14 stone and am 6'2" tall. Harness and footstraps are fine.
Thanks in advance.