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What gear to buy
Jan - 20-8-2008 at 11:27

I've bean away from windsurfing for about 10 years and want to get back into it. What is the best all round board and rig to get going again? Or is ther loads to choose from...


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justal - 20-8-2008 at 15:32

Not an easy question to answer... It will all depend on your abilities as a windsurfer, the conditions that you will be sailing in, your weight and your aspirations.

Even with all of that info there will still be a wide range of boards and sails to choose from that will suit you, but I'm sure some people will have a few suggestions.


vandal - 21-8-2008 at 17:51

really depends of your availabilities from before...
it's like will never forget it, the boards and sails changed a lot past 10 years. What did you ride before - fun board or some 200 liters and more monster???

kelvin - 21-8-2008 at 18:24

loads to choose from
what wind strenth you looking to sail in .....
something bright and coulorfull be the recomendation
windsurfings so bland these days