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welshtrowy - 21-6-2007 at 19:17

Hi guys having trouble finding a decent 6m freeride/beginner sale with no cams for around 75 squid anyone got anything in the garage?

welshtrowy - 25-6-2007 at 20:15

ok ok 100

sarge - 26-6-2007 at 15:30

i have a tushingham eclipse 6.5 which you can have for nothing if it is any use to you also a few other bits and pieces
the sail is old but still usable, i am located in stourbridge most of the time


welshtrowy - 26-6-2007 at 19:06

Thanks for the offer Dave, you have a u2u

justal - 5-7-2007 at 06:51

If you are still after a sail, I have a 2005 5.7m Gun Wave MC that I will be replacing soon..... Sooner if you want to buy it from me!


welshtrowy - 5-7-2007 at 07:21

Thanks Al sarge has kindly given me his old Tushingham eclipse 6.4 and I have just bought an Arrows 5.7 impact. Thanks again for the offer mucho appreciated

justal - 5-7-2007 at 13:20

No problem.... I'm about to buy a new 4.5m sail and thought I may as well get a new 5.7 at the same time (and maybe a 5m too!)... I'll just keep the older 5.7 as a spare.


welshtrowy - 5-7-2007 at 13:55

its a hard life

justal - 5-7-2007 at 14:02

Haha... It is for my sails!


welshtrowy - 5-7-2007 at 14:53

Ive just bought a tush thunderbird t3 too scared to use it now got an aeron boom with it what do you make of them Al?

justal - 5-7-2007 at 16:02

I like them... Nice narrow diameter grip, nice and stiff and cheap too.

the strange shape to the front end didn't make much difference to me. It does seem to creak a little when i'm sailing, but so far it hasn't snapped!


justal - 25-7-2007 at 15:05

Uh oh..... I snapped my Aeron boom today.... I shouldn't have posted the above comment a couple of weeks ago!!!