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D'hat's T4 Troubles
jon d hat - 26-9-2006 at 17:47

Just to let you all know that Sal Junior (my T4 Camper) and I arrived home safe and sound. Thanks for all the concern, I'm sure she's gona pull through.

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Tim for the offer of a place to stay at the half way point, Graham for the technical info from his mate "pigeon" Big thanks to Nick the Crazy Frog for hanging arround and the lift home, and last but not least, massif, forgive the punn, thanks to Chris for getting her recovered

All of you played a part but Chris man, you are a diamond geezer an I owe you mate! You are deffo Borth Massif

bucski - 27-9-2006 at 06:46

Glad you got it sorted. Was well impressed with your electrics setup in the van, I have already ordered tv card for my laptop and received fm transmitter yesterday!
Excellent stuff cheers!

mNeil - 27-9-2006 at 07:44

aha can you point me in the direction of the said parts for laptop Tim.
been looking at toyota powervans......told they are verry reliable

Chris Bogh - 27-9-2006 at 10:51

No problem, it's nothing a beer or ten won't cover.

bucski - 27-9-2006 at 10:53

sure thing, both off ebay, link to tele bit />
link to fm transmitter bit />

You could either click on "view sellers other items" sure they will have more for sale, or just contact the seller. Alternatively quite a few other ones on ebay, but these were dead cheap, they get you on the postage a bit, but who cares at those prices! Kewl.
Sunday now looking better at Borth windwise, so should be a goer.

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thehill - 27-9-2006 at 16:21

so it worked ok then, i have heard people talking about these tv tuner thingies before but they have had fairly mixed reviews.
i guess it helps that this one comes its own aerial

jon d hat - 27-9-2006 at 18:14

No prob Chris, check you at the Dovey Hotel or Shems bash, Beers on me....oooh that could be an expensive one knowing your fishlike qualities!

TV package works a treat when you can get a transmitter signal. I picked up 77 channels in the car park at Dovey, ok so many of them were radio signals. The digital picture was pure quality. Not so successful on the Borth sid

Niel man Toyota Power vans are reliable but they aint got the cool factor of a Dub. Ok, not too cool on the back of an AA wagon but even the AA dude said that the T4 is one of the most reliable vans that money can buy.....Mmmm shame that mine had to be the faulty one

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mNeil - 27-9-2006 at 18:17

just bought the tv tuner off ebay for 14.99 and won a transmitter thingy for 1.20 +5 for post

bucski - 27-9-2006 at 18:49

Just been having a play with the tv dongle thing, it's fine when you've got a decent aerial plugged into it - i.e. the one at home , pretty hopeless with the little aerial it comes with. Think i'll try and get a pucker aerial and try with that.

thehill - 27-9-2006 at 19:09

i was having a look and they do one that does analogue and digital. it is more like 50 notes but maybe that would be a good option as digital coverage is not as good as analogue

jon d hat - 27-9-2006 at 20:38

Sounds like a bargain Neil!

The package that I got was "Hauppauge WinTV-HRV 900". Retail is 59 from Laptops direct. Does Analogue and digital. The arial does look poxy but thats the one I used at Dovey and the digital picture was crackin! You may need a better arial i.e. booster in some areas.

Thanks for your comments concerning my electrics Tim. It is a fairly simple but effective system that covers all of my needs and some, just have to make sure you run all the cables before fitting the rest of the vehicle out and that you run adequate earthing for the 240v system. Don't want to be sitting in a tin can conected to the mains, eh, LOL

PS RCD or ELCB's are essential!

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Spooker - 29-9-2006 at 08:23

For the truly cost-concious - Amazon are advertising them at 55.99, ideal for those long winter evenings in the van!

Haven't found a decent digital/analogue portal aerial yet tho...

jon d hat - 29-9-2006 at 17:22

Yeh Spooks... and then 4.50 P&P

I can think of alternative ways to while away those long winter evenings

You got it bud...a good book and an Eberspacher deisel heater....

Anyone know anything about Eberspacher's, are they noisey, reliable etc. Seen a few on ebay for a quarter of the retail price??

bucski - 30-9-2006 at 06:50

i fancy going down the erberspacher route, sound good, and given there use in scandanavia in their wagons etc.. speaks volumes.
Don't know much about them but have heard that they are quiet and use very little fuel.
Interesting to see how you get on

jon d hat - 30-9-2006 at 09:37

Hi Tim.

I'd heard that the fuel consumtion was low but depending on what the model or year of manufacture is, they can be heavy on the 12v.

The earlier models just turn off when optimum temp is reached, when temp drop is detected they re start. Its the energy required to power up the glow plug that puts a load on your electrics where as the later models run on a lower setting to maintain a constant temp, therefore the heater plug remains powered up.

Just not sure what year that they upgraded them and how to identify the later model i.e by appearance or product code.

jon d hat - 30-9-2006 at 09:43

By the way, your T4 looks pimp with those 18s on

jon d hat - 1-10-2006 at 16:49

Hey Chris, best make this thread the 'dub trub' page, eh!

Tell me bro, what's up wid Che?

Know how you feel!

bucski - 1-10-2006 at 19:24

cheers for the compliment, can't beat a bit of pimping!

Just had a leisure battery fitted and got the tv running in the van. Invertor on the way - love it!

jon d hat - 1-10-2006 at 19:41

No prob Tim, were you charged extra on your insurance for having ally's on. My ins. wanted an extra 80...bummer.

Is your liesure battery on a split charging system cos inverters eat your batteries.

carlessd - 9-10-2006 at 18:17

i got a gas heater in my van, so uses no power at all, 1.2 amps not much more than a small light bulb an cheap as chips. runs off my seperate lpg have you fixed your van yet john, just wanted to say thanks for borrowing me ya kayak, did the lower trwyen on sun, if thats spelt correctly at bala white water centre. had to roll once an didn't swim once.

nice one dude

col123 - 9-10-2006 at 19:21

just found this site for 12v van type ........................................................................stuff.. ries/Dometic-Electrolux_Spares.aspx

jon d hat - 9-10-2006 at 19:28

Just as your van runs on gas, mine runs on deisel so thanks for your advice there Daz but i'll be goin down the Eberspacher route. Just been outbid on a couple that were on Ebay, but there are always plenty on there.

Sal Jnr is feeling much better thanks for askin, she's done 400 miles since she was sick an the part to make her feel better only cost 16..bonus eh!!

Glad your enjoyin the Canolfen Tryweren, my ol' tub will feel well at home there as she's run it a good 16-20 times. Its well beautiful at this time of year, although i'm sure you were too busy concentrating to take a good look around.

Catch you soon bro. Cheers