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2011 Session Stats
justal - 31-12-2011 at 18:56

So, how did you get on in 2011?

Not a great year for me despite the wind, but that's mainly due to a few months off thanks to torn ligaments in my ankle and the fact that I was concentrating a little more on Triathlon this year (I don't add my run sessions and road bike rides to the diaries, but maybe I should?).

How did you get on? Was it a good year, it was certainly windy enough.

Here's my stats from the session diaries:

Total Sessions = 151

Activity / No. of Sessions
Hiking - Walking = 2
Kayaking - Surf Skiing = 1
Kite buggying - boarding = 4
Mt. Biking = 40
Other = 18
Surfing = 8
Wild - Open Water Swimming = 32
Windsurfing = 46

I'll post up the Hall of Fame for 2011 a little later in the New Year once everyone has had chance to add their diary entries for the Xmas period.

Here's to a windy, wavey 2012.


justal - 31-12-2011 at 19:31

Just been checking on the Hall fo Fame for 2011- It's close at the top!