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Re: 1st November 2009 Diary Entry by squiz.
justal - 1-11-2009 at 17:18

On 1st November 2009, squiz wrote:

Windsurfing: Point Clear
Wind Direction: s
Wind Stength: 25 to 30 mph
Surf / Sea State: flatish
Air Temperature: 15
Sea Temperature: 14
Weather: cloudy and wet

With the forecast all over the place today I postponed my first visit to West Kirby - will get there one day !!! and headed over to give Point Clear ago even though south is not a brilliant direction So up at 7 on the road by 8, PC at 9 to find 6 kiters already out including Dave White !!! Met up with Peter Cuts and with winds gusting over 30 kts went with 5.8 on the slalom board as to get to the lagoon involved a big beat and the wind was gusty Having made it into the lagoon which was choppy ,Pete,s luck ran out when the battery on his gps went flat and he had to return for his spare So I had the whole lagoon to myself as D White's kite gang had swopped to windsurfing gear and headed off to West Mersea !!! So I had loads of runs along the bottom of the lagoon in far from ideal conditions - gusty wind,bumpy water and heavy rain but I managed several 30 s (with a max of 31) on the gps which was not too bad as the run was very short ! I might have been better off going to Levington but it was abit of an adventure and I had the whole lagoon to myself apart a single seal Pete give up with the speed kit and went and enjoyed the waves with 4.3 !!!

Good Stuff Squiz... Love watching all the diary entires appear here after a windy weekend!

Might have to get myself some speed kit though as that sounds like fun. Really need to hit 40 knots before I'm 40 next year!