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Re: 8th May 2009 Diary Entry by justal.
justal - 8-5-2009 at 15:07

On 8th May 2009, justal wrote:

Windsurfing: Ynyslas
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 25-35 knots
Surf / Sea State: 4-5 foot rough surf
Air Temperature: 12¬?C
Sea Temperature: 11¬?C
Weather: Sunny

It doesn't get much better than that! Gorgeous blue skies, tonnes of wind and some monstrous waves!

I was well powered with my 4.5m and little wave board and had an epic session. As good as it gets and then some. I was sailing pretty well despite the scary conditions and just had a great time surrounded by mountains of water.. Well, logo high anyway!

Lots of nice jumps, some good wave rides and loads of general blasting around well powered on little kit.

What a week we've had!

Couldn't resist posting this as it is rare to get such a good session. Not only were the conditions as good as they get, but I was sailing well too. Where was everyone??

Dunk was watching from the beach for a while but had banged his head and was feeling a little concussed so didn't go in.. Although I think was about to as I was leaving as were a couple of others, but by then the wind had dropped off quite a bit.

It was nice to have it all to myself, but I almost felt guilty having such a good time with no one else there to enjoy it too.


Dave - 8-5-2009 at 15:20

I have to admit, I took one look at the sea state and was too scared to even consider going out there with you.

AndyW - 8-5-2009 at 15:27

On behalf of all of us stuck in the office watching xcweather I'm glad you made the most of it ;-)

Still if I had gone out there I'd probably have a broken sail and mast by now :-)

Hope there's a little wind left tomoz for a morning sesh offa dyfi estuary.


justal - 8-5-2009 at 15:42

What time you expecting to get here Andy?

I may join you, but I'm supposed to be out for an early morning bike ride. I'll see what the wind is doing in the morning and decide then.


AndyW - 8-5-2009 at 15:51

Probably 9.30 - 10.00. Depends what the wind/waves are doing, if the sea is rough after today but the wind is dropping off I plan to go off the main carpark at dyfi to get the flat water and out going tide for max power!

Can't bring my bike out, found two broken spokes after yesterday's ride! Needs a bit of a wheel rebuild.


justal - 9-5-2009 at 04:13

Just been looking through the Session Logs from yesterday, and what a day it was. Loads of 5 star sessions, looks as though everybody had a great day.

AndyW.... Looks as though the wind has gone so I'm off for a bike ride... Feel free to pop in for a cuppa if you are over this side later.


dunk - 9-5-2009 at 08:58


I did go in after you left Al, it was huge out back eh? I was hanging on to my 9 and feared for my life at times!!

AndyW - 9-5-2009 at 16:08


Managed a session of Aberdovey in the lighter wind but it picked up enough to use my smaller board in the end.

Need more time on the water, today was killin' me!


justal - 10-5-2009 at 06:58

Nice one Dunk... The wind had dropped off quite a bit by then compared to the morning.... Watch out for that van door in future!!!

Andy. I went for a ride nice 20 mile first thing and was back by 9:30am and the wind picked up quite a bit in the afternoon with gusts to 3 odd knots, but by then I was lacking in brownie points so had to entertain Morgan instead.

Looked like a good day though.


justal - 10-5-2009 at 07:12

Just read your diary entry Andy... What time did you stay until? The wind was howling here in the afternoon, certainly 5m weather.

AndyW - 10-5-2009 at 10:03

Al, stayed until 1pm and yes it had filled in nicely to F5/6 so I'd had a good session. By then I was too tired to change down and keep going. Need to get in more sessions!