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Re: 25th March 2009 Diary Entry by col123.
kelvin - 26-3-2009 at 08:37

On 25th March 2009, col123 wrote:

Mt. Biking:cwm carn

first time at cwm carn downhill for one of there uplift days, did a total of five runs down the black runs

i decided to do the xc trail the tawr, it's 15k long and a lot of climbing which was a struggle after this mornings downhilling, however i did it in 50mins,

theres more to cwmcarn than the downhill like most places just need the local guide to go off the beaten track .
Uplift day are good for a few runs like you say , its best to break it up a bit , get dropped off at the freeride and have a play then take the xc down etc .
50 mins for the xc is top notch . course record is around 45 mins so you must be a record breaker when fresh ?

Spooker - 26-3-2009 at 10:24

Col?? Record pie eater maybe, as for Cwm Carn - well he's always had difficulty telling the time.....

mNeil - 26-3-2009 at 12:58

spooks you are so cruel; obviously you have not seen the new lithe and fit Col?