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Weather Station Offline
justal - 24-4-2007 at 00:20

The PC that drives the weather station is dying.. It looks as though the hard drive and possibly a few other bits are on their way out and it crashes all the time and keeps coming up with Disk failures and 'unknown HARD ERROR' and often simply won't boot as it can't see the Boot drive... So the weather station will be tempermental and possibly completely offiline for a while until I can get a new PC....

Any donations will be gladly accepted. (It doesn't have to be a particularly powerful PC)

Hopefully, once I have a new PC it won't take me more than a few days to get everything set back up and running again, but I shall have to remember how to configure everything again and may have to rewrite few of the scripts that integrate the PC with the website, unless I can retrieve any of the data from the fried Hard Drive.... Grrrrrr, I don't have time for this!!!


justal - 24-4-2007 at 12:19

It looks as though the Hard Disk has died completely now....

When I try to start it up I just get a black screen with a message that says:

'Pri hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T. Status BAD, Backup and Replace'

It looks as though the weather station will be offline until I can get a new Hard Drive / Computer and somehow retrieve the data from this one.



mNeil - 24-4-2007 at 20:09

will try to get one from school and bring it up this weekend.

justal - 24-4-2007 at 21:03

Cheers Neil... It looks as though I'll be able to get my hands on a hard drive (on a temporary basis) in the next couple of days, but your offer may be better so I'll take whatever I can get

I shall see what happens when I put a new hard drive in the PC and try to retrieve the data from the broken one.... Hopefully I won't have lost too much stuff and won't have to rewrite all of the scripts again.

I must admit though it is quite nice in my office at the moment without the constant noise of the weather station PC... My Mac is silent and the peace is quite relaxing!


mNeil - 25-4-2007 at 15:35

tis in the van