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Multi sport Insurance
adam - 1-8-2002 at 12:42

I've just taken out some insurance to cover me for several sports as my last windsurf only policy had just run out.

Lots of places are insisting that anyone kite buggying or kitesurfing have insurance as do all inland sailing lakes/reservoirs. Not so much problem if you just windsurf and kite at the coast but for all of us landlubbers its more of an issue. It makes sense to have at least 3rd party liability anyway I guess especially when kiting as people always get in the way when the beach is busy.

I used sports cover direct:

Annual rate was 25 to cover all sports I needed including windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, mountain biking, snowboarding and loads more.

Looks a lot cheaper than getting seperate cover for windsurfing (about 15-20 3rd party only) and kite buggying (another 15)

NatB - 8-8-2002 at 10:46


Do windsurfers not have the same sort of insurance available to them as surfers have.

If you become a member of the BSA (British Surfing Association) you automatically qulify for 1,000000 insurance.

Its always anoyed me this. Where I come from Surfers have to be insured by law but yet windsurfers dont. If a swimmer gets hit by a surfer they will get bruised or cut slightly but if you get hit by a wind surfer doing 20-30knots your not going to know much about it!!

adam - 8-8-2002 at 12:16

There is a similar scheme if windsurfers join the RYA but I don't know any windsurfers who only sail on the sea that are members as its considered a bit stuffy and more for yacht and dinghy sailors.

I have never bothered until I moved inland then you are forced too, or if you want to race, but that still only represents a fraction of the people who windsurf.

You don't actually see that many collisions outside racing especially on the sea because there is such a huge area for people to sail in so its not really a problem. People sailing at busier locations like Portland Harbour should definately get some though.

Still accidents do happen I guess and hitting someone at speed could do a lot of damage, I've hit jellyfish going quickly and cut them clean in half......