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Wow Membership is soaring!!!
NatB - 21-8-2002 at 08:27

Well done AL

paul - 21-8-2002 at 09:25

and you've made 2 more posts than me !

justanna - 22-8-2002 at 09:55

Hi everyone,
it's been very quiet here for the last couple of days. What's everyone up to for the bank holiday weekend. Unfortuantely bank holidays bring out the tourists so the beaches are all really busy and there's nowhere to park and the roads are busy...even in Borth! Most of the midlands descend on Borth if the weather's nice.

Is anyone coming to the Bordwise Demo day? Keep a look aout for me and Al at the beach....I'm sure we'll be there somewhere


Joe - 23-8-2002 at 08:53

Hi Anna,

it seems like there is not going to be much wind on the weekend. Sunday is forecast to have the most with a force 3-4 northerly. So this is the day I picked to take part in the demo. Maybe Ill get the chance to try some large kit (7.5 sail or so) just for the heck of it.
My mother is staying with us too for the next couple of weeks so we will be a whole car load full of people. And if the windsurfing does not work out I am sure the kids will have fun on the beach.

See you all then.