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Pretty Cool stuff!
ajdesq - 24-7-2002 at 21:15

Y'know, not content with making the rest of the world gnash with frustration at his wonderful playtime-based existance, Al has to go and show off his technical prowess by producing this spanking forum-type thing! Is there nothing this man can't do? I am NOT worthy...!

adam - 25-7-2002 at 08:50

Finishing his thesis may be one.....

You can see why though, check the diary; write up or go sailing ummmmm!

How's it going Al, I may get mine before you, still you will probably be able to loop by then so it's sure to be time better spent. The site is now a mighty impressive effort!!

El Nino - 25-7-2002 at 18:38

Your not wrong there 'ajdesq'. I've been looking at this site on and off for a while now and it just seems to get better and better. Being a 'Force of Nature' myself (El Nino) I think the name is great too. I'm glad theres a forum here as well now as its a really good idea... Lets just hope a few people start using it as it could be a good place to hang out.
I think Al should add some more sports to the 'Sports' pages now though...Theres loads of sports powered by the forces of nature that are missing.
Time for some suggestions I think.

NatB - 1-8-2002 at 09:48

Well done AL

This is excellent, even better than the message board. keep up the good work this is gonna take off very shortly!

NatB - 1-8-2002 at 09:48

NatB - 1-8-2002 at 09:49

justal - 1-8-2002 at 19:20

Congratulations NatB....You're now a Grommet...hehehe.

You're also the member of the day at the mo according to the stats!!

How important does that make you feel??

Glad you like the forums though, it seems to have been a bit livelier in here today.