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New to Kitesurfing in the UK
Fishboy - 5-4-2007 at 10:19


My name is John and I live in Leamington Spa. Having done a week in Hurghada, 2 weeks in El Gouna and 2 weeks in Ras Sudr (over the last 3 years) I now want to venuture in to the seas surrounding our coastline.

Can anyone recommend suitable beaches within a reasoanable distance form Leamington Spa that would be good for an intermediate?

If anyone travels from the Warwickshire or surrounding areas I would be interested to hear from you as I currently have no one to kite with...



shem - 5-4-2007 at 18:59

Im sure theres plenty of guys from this forum around warwickshire, but you probably wont get an answer until tuesday, coz theyll probably be on there way over here.

Probly see ya on the beach here soon.

pebble - 5-4-2007 at 19:56

John, welcome to f-o-n. As Shem says, there's quite a few of us who live in Warwickshire. I live in Leamington, and one of the best places to go is Aberdyfi/Borth - friendly crowd.

I'm off to Gower this week, but not impressed with the forecast at the moment.

Depends what you mean by reasonable distance. Hunstanton, Aberdyfi, Porthcawl, Ainsdale all about 3 hours drive away - that's the only benefit of living in the middle - you can go East or West Coast!


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Fishboy - 10-4-2007 at 09:09


3 hours is definatly managable.

Would be good to have a chat with any one in and around Leamington/Warwick to find out more about when, where, who, how etc.