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The snows here
shem - 8-2-2007 at 07:54

AAhhh, snow. 9 meter instinct ready and here I goes!

justal - 8-2-2007 at 07:58

You may need something smaller than that Sehm.... It's blowing a hoolie too....

I might go windsurfing this morning then head off to the hills around midday.


shem - 8-2-2007 at 08:03

Roads are totally blocked here in pennal, so Ill be playing at home. Only 10-15 knots here. have fun.

justal - 8-2-2007 at 08:16

Its 35 knots here Shem!


justal - 8-2-2007 at 08:17

You don't fancy heading off to Goginan then?


jamesy101 - 8-2-2007 at 09:06

I am off school and have decided to go out and play about with my kitebuggying friend. We'll probably end up kiting, sledging and buggying. Any tips for a "proper" kite virgin?

mNeil - 8-2-2007 at 09:41

you seem to have a lot more than we do here in brum; maybe 2cm outside and its not big flakes just like powder; never mind will have to go to sutton park to try out the kites
anyone coming?

justal - 8-2-2007 at 10:49

We've got a few inches here on the beach, but there must be at least a foot in the hills... And it is complete white-out conditions at the moment...



kitecaddy - 8-2-2007 at 15:18

we've got about a foot of snow so far up on the chase , its still coming down too , all the kids are up there making human snowballs , the roads are bad too , anyone got any reports on the weather down south?

mNeil - 8-2-2007 at 15:55

had a session snowkiting with Nick the Hill this afternoon but the wind died on us; great snow conditions too must be at least 5 to 6" now and still coming down hard as i type. fingers xed for tom ,schools closed and wind!!!!!!
cant believe i am teaching in the snow dome this evening!!!

justal - 8-2-2007 at 17:00

It was good here, until the farmer shouted....

"GET OFF MY LAND"..... No, really he did!

The surf is good too.


jamesy101 - 8-2-2007 at 17:09

YES! I had a great day of sledging today and I am praying for school to be closed tomorrow. I should be down for the surf comp this weekend and will surely pop in myself. Thanks for the conditions update Al.

justal - 9-2-2007 at 09:46

It's snowing again here....


shem - 9-2-2007 at 10:23

Hhmmm, choices, surf or snow board or kite surf!!!!!!! Mid wales's rules!!

danh - 9-2-2007 at 10:50

What a quality pic Al

mNeil - 9-2-2007 at 14:37

Col moi and powerkite guys are going up the long mynd if all goes to plan tom ie sat for some snowkiting on the top at the gliding club. drive through church stretton and round to the from of the mynd then walk up the steep hill to the top.

Loxley - 18-1-2008 at 17:14

Almost a year since this last 'snows here' thread started.

Anyone betting on the arrival this season ?

badexcuseforasailor - 19-1-2008 at 05:27

It should be about midday on Thursday.
It should be about that time that I arrive at the slopes in Switzerland