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Surf Camps Portugal!!
andrensg - 25-4-2011 at 22:57

Surfcamps in Portugal form today a market of their own, and the main reasons for that are the high number of quality waves, low prices and the nice weather. Lisbon is easily accessible via low cost flights from all over europe for affordable prices.
What criteria do you have when choosing your spots/accommodation?
I prefer uncrowded spots with quality waves where at the same time you get to know the countries culture, can do some sightseeing, meet local people and enjoy the nightlife.
So why do i prefer the lisbon/cascais coast to other spots in portugal?
1? reason: less crowded than peniche and ericeira in summer because all people go to these areas for their summer holidays
2? reason: more choice and variety. carcavelos is one of the best winter spotst to surf, on the other hand you have guincho and praia grande for the summer, just to name the main beaches.
3? reason: the water is warmer than at other spots, its more sunny and not foggy at all like at ericeira or peniche during summer!
4? reason: you actually meet many portuguese people and get to know portuguese culture, at night you can go to lisbon and enjoy the portuguese capital instead of beeing stuck in some village.

I explained my reasons for staying at cascais surf camp (, hope to hear your opinions about this great surfing destination.