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Soft roof rack
Doh!!! - 10-6-2007 at 15:11

Any one have any experience of inflatable or soft roof racks ? I am just intending to use for a longboard at local break ( 1 mile ).I use roof rack bars at the moment and do a lot of milage and am concerned about fuel consumption and environment.
I would like to know if soft bars are easy to put on ,take off, and if they any use at all.

justal - 10-6-2007 at 19:05

From what I have heard they will be OK for your requirements... i.e. short trips with a light load. Some do scratch the top of your car a little but some fleece or something similar under them can prevent that if it is likely to be a worry.

I'm not sure how easy they are to put on and off.


longboarder - 15-2-2009 at 18:41

Hi, I got my soft roofrack for these guys. I use it for my 10ft8" longboard. can get around 50MPH they are brill.

shem - 16-2-2009 at 08:27

I used a fsc rack to cover the whole of Australia. had 4 boards on top and never failed us. Only time soft racks arent great are in heavy rain, as they all work with staraps looping thriugh the inside, water can carry through on the straps. I tried a sucker type as well, but wouldnt use one again, kept popping off.

bucski - 17-2-2009 at 15:03

You can save yourself some money and make them easy enough. Buy two lengths of that foam pipe lagging stuff and then thread some luggage straps through them, works a treat, I've taken them on trips abroad where I couldn't guarantee getting a proper roof rack and they've worked great.

Sids Surf Shack - 3-8-2009 at 20:07

Loads are easy to use and take off.....Rhino, Creatures, FCS just to name a few. Go through the car are close the door. Check them out.