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Another beginner question
Dick - 13-4-2004 at 16:31

Hi All,

I'm after a little advice. I'm about to give up on my short board (well, a 7'2 Byrne) due to not making any progress on it (only being able to go surfing a few times a year doesn't help) and have a go with a longboard. Problem is I don't have a clue about longboards?! What lenght, width, thickness, shape etc?

Dick, Bournemouth

justal - 13-4-2004 at 17:42

It will all depend on your weight and athletic ability really. But in general, although longer boards can help with the initial stages of learning to surf, going too long isn't always the best option... Usually, the best option for people to learn on is something around a 7'6" minimal, which will have the floatation and stability (assuming average weight) needed for a beginner, but will still have a certain degree of responsiveness and manouverability.

Too big a board is more difficult to handle, both paddling out and when trimming the board on the wave. Don't be tempted to go too big just to get the stability and floatation.

Just changing up from a 7'2" narrow, thin performance board to an allround floaty 7'6" minimal will make a world of difference.


Dick - 14-4-2004 at 11:43

Well I've now got myself another board! It's about 8 and a half feet and bright yellow. Cost a whopping 20 from an old guy who's giving up! I've got a surf trip in Woolacombe (May 28th - 31st) orgasnised now as well, things are looking up!

Cheers for the advise.


Joner - 20-4-2004 at 06:01

Bright yellow...... Nice