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Photo on diary entry
SeanBo - 10-8-2004 at 21:07

Just a thought...there is already a "look at me" forum, but maybe there could be an opportunity to attach a photo to a diary entry.

justal - 11-8-2004 at 05:50

OK.... but not today!

It will take a bit of work, but I'm sure I can rise to the challenge!... It will be easier if I have an 'upload photo' button within the diary entry details, so that you upload the photos after submitting the diary entry. I could add it to the normal 'add diary entry' form but thats a little more complicated.

I might make it so that you can add more than one photo for each entry if you like as well?? Actually, I've been thinking about building a new 'photo gallery' section anyway where people can upload photos and have their own photo 'albums' so I gues I should integrate it with that....

Let me know if you have any suggestions for such a project.

It won't be for a while though... probably a few months yet.


SeanBo - 13-8-2004 at 14:52

No Problem with the timeframe. I only said one photo as I thought it would be a good idea to restrict the space used, but if you can add more that is fine by me.

Also adding the photo after the diary entry is not an issue. I guess it will also give people with an 'old fashioned' camera a chance to develop the film!

Storing an album would be a good idea as well...just imagine the embarrasement of seeing 10 year old photos of yourself and not being able to hide them :-)

justal - 14-8-2004 at 07:19

I've been thinking about it Sean... This is the plan so far:

Diary entry form will remain as it is, but the page that shows the diary entry will have a column that display any uploaded photos (as thumbnails) and a button allowing photos to be uploaded.

The upload photo form will be similar to the one in the beachguide, allowing members to upload photos (one at a time) to the diary entry. This will automatically resize the image and create a thumbnail and add a title and description to the photo.

I might be able to get this done fairly soon, but later I'll also build a new photo-gallery section into which members can upload images to various categories within the galleries (windsurfing, surfing, kite-surfing, kitebuggying, scenic, mugshots etc.).. Because of this I'll propbably end up adding a 'category drop down menu' to the form that allows you to upload a photo within the diaries section, so that any photos uploaded to the diaries will also show up in the general photo galleries section (within the relevant category) as well.

In addition, as all diary entries have a 'Location', when a photo is uploaded, I'll make the script search the beachguides to see if a beach with that Loaction name exists... if it does, then the photo will be added to the beachguides under the relevant beach as well.

Finally, there will be a 'Members Photo Album' in which you will be able to see all the photos you have uploaded... You'll also be able to view other peoples photo albums of course.

Does that sounds exciting!!!

What categories shall we have in the gallery section??
Any other requirements?


SeanBo - 16-8-2004 at 15:29

Sounds perfect, especially the way the photo is automatically ties to a beach guide report.