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As of 8th May. 2007, chase Are you a Force-of-Nature Scores were:
Total 6
Windsurfing Score 3 Surfing Score 0 Kiting Score 3
Basic Windsurfing Skills 3 Basic Surfing Skills 0 Basic Kiting Skills 3
Intermediate Windsurfing Skills and Gybing 0 Wave-Riding Skills 0    
Freestyle Windsurfing Skills 0 Advanced Surfing Skills 0    
Windsurfing Jumping Skills 0        
Windsurfing Aerial Freestyle Skills 0        
Windsurfing Wave-Riding Skills 0        

As of 8th May. 2007, chase could do the following:
Windsurfing : Basic Skills
  • Tried it once or twice.
  • Sail back and forth.
  • Sail along, turn around and sail back.
  • Windsurfing : Intermediate Skills and Gybing
    No Skills Here!
    Windsurfing : Freestyle
    Windsurfing : Jumping
    No Skills Here!
    Windsurfing : Aerial Freestyle
    No Skills Here!
    Windsurfing : Wave Sailing
    No Skills Here!
    Surfing : Basic Skills
    No Skills Here!
    Surfing : Wave Riding Skills
    No Skills Here!
    Surfing : Advanced Skills
    No Skills Here!
    Kiting : Basic Skills
  • Regularly Participate.

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