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24th August 2008
Windsurfing: felixstowe
Wind Direction: sw
Wind Stength: 15 /20mph
Surf / Sea State: bumpy
Air Temperature: cold
Sea Temperature:
Weather: british!
Max Speed: flat batt
Distance Covered: not far

Like MAKER I would have peed off home had the piddling rain not stopped. Why do we have to sail in the most miserable conditions to do windsurfing? why cant felixstowe be like tenerife lanzarote or just nice?
Rigged 6.0 and froze on the beach in the middle of august and donned my winter steamer. Now if there is anything I hate in this world is wearing my straight jacket bloody steamer, with 10 degress of movement allowed by the designer! No I dont just hang from the boom, I fall off on gybes and have to bloody swim Ripcurl!
So you can now understand the mood I was in when I climbed on my 126L eagle and it took off like a crazed mare who has had a shire stallion up its rear end! hey you stupid board slow down whilst I get my bloody foot in your straps at least for christ sakes.
The usual crew Ian Mark Steve and Pete were ripping but I was just going 100mph but as my GPS had a flat battery I cant prove that Guys!
I brought the mare in after a bloody hell ride in and out fluking a jibe and stayed on deck to hit the beach at 100mph!
Now choices change down to 5.5? no way bloody Ian is on 5.7 for christ sakes. I crank her gut in (downhaul), throttled her neck (outhaul) and produced my secret weapon.
I chopped down a 42cm fin to a 34cm, but that was a long story because I didn't realise some fins were almost hollow. The bloody glass wrapping flew out of it so it didn't look very healthy. Never mind you bloody mare lets see if you can carry 102kg with a gutless sail and a fin smaller than my phallics!
As I jumped on the board, crouched so my ass was getting wet waiting for the bucking mare to take off it didn't! Bloody hell, I could stand up and fiddled around and hook in as she eased of in her stride and pick up speed slowly.
This was a different mare! a wave riding mare! OK it need a lot of wind (I stopped dead in the troughs with no wind) but when its up there was no bucking at full speed!
I showed Mark my rear end once but I wont insult him because he has that lovely wife that sits in a car and read a book, whilst he sails for Christ sakes!
I packed up early because flipping Steve C said (he has renamed me Jonah the killerwind) the wind has dropped because the clouds hve change. I suffer from glaucoma so I cant see jack, so I believed him. Yep Mark and Ian had another 20 minutes of sunshine with a new boy with a nice tushy X15 speed sail, couple to a 110 isonic, this boy looked quick.
Still Steve I did have time for a nice sauna and jacuzzi be4 going home and I dont need a wave board saving me 300 and another board to carry, just going to get a decent 34cm fin.
Now bank holiday monday wind, I need to lose the wife.....
Toys Used:
Fanatic Eagle 126
Neil Pryde V8 street racer 6.M
drake starboard 38cm



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