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6th July 2008
Windsurfing: levington
Wind Direction: sw
Wind Stength: 25 mph
Surf / Sea State: bumpy
Air Temperature: 70
Sea Temperature:
Weather: mild
Max Speed: 30.65 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: if only

When I took the wind reading it went from 25 to 32 mph, my note book said 19
to 25mph = 6M
25 + = 5.5M, so what did I do rig 6M as it was levington...wrong! The broken fin was an accident waiting to happen, in fact I thought the boom would
break, so I considered my self very lucky, just imagine if I was out in the channel!
I did 6 dedicated speed runs broad reaching to build speed and almost cracked the 30knot barrier! so at least I know I can go over 30 knots with
my current gear. It showed it 29.66 when I looked in the bay, so the broken fin run must have taken me thru the 30K barrier!!!
I did not do one gybe correctly, the ones I did were all fumbles..but I dont care...
I am suffering from sciatica caused by a crushed disc in the lower back, so its painkillers and bed shortly.....after searching ebay for a nice strong fin...
Thanks to boys for dragging the gear back. Roger had a great day at Lev cos' I think he still prefer the dip, whatever the conditions. He continually keeps asking me to try his Stinger, which I have tried and nearly drown everytime, which makes me think does Rog really like me?
Yep Steve and those who did it early at the golf end and Lev did it perfect and note its all the same faces got it right again Steve C, etc - never mind
our chance will come 12mph big board/sail cruising while they sit on the beach dreaming if only ...
If this dont get a reaction Steve C ..I dont know what will...after the tennis maybe.

"In the pursuit of records, there are certain milestones; numbers that should mean nothing but come to mean everything. The four minute mile, the ten second 100 metres, the sub two-hour marathon, sex more than three times a week. In 1983 the 30kt barrier stood taunting everyone in windsurfing. There was a common belief that 'modern' sails topped out at about 28kts.
30kts wasn't going to happen until someone came along and changed something."

GPS stats....its just so beautiful being fat....u just crank the sail down
lock the slot and sit on your lard ass...beautiful...

Hey Rik - U need to sponsor me now with some cheap gear - thanks for the
GT - 31 GPS, (I am coming to see u just show me how to do tracks!)

[ 1] 30.65 KTS
[ 2] 29.66 KTS
[ 3] 28.57 KTS
[ 4] 27.07 KTS
[ 5] 26.20 KTS
[ 6] 25.77 KTS
[ 7] 25.23 KTS
[ 8] 25.15 KTS
[ 9] 25.03 KTS
[10] 24.82 KTS
[11] 24.45 KTS
[12] 24.39 KTS
[13] 24.22 KTS
[14] 24.18 KTS

[ 1] 28.98-10S KTS
[ 2] 28.82-10S KTS
[ 3] 26.53-10S KTS
[ 4] 25.79-10S KTS
[ 5] 25.13-10S KTS
[ 6] 24.27-10S KTS
[ 7] 23.96-10S KTS
[ 8] 23.88-10S KTS
[ 9] 23.87-10S KTS
[10] 23.55-10S KTS

Toys Used:
Fanatic Eagle 126
Neil Pryde V8 street racer 6.M
Select Freeride 40cm
Select Freeride 40cm



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