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5th August 2003
Windsurfing: Ynyslas Estuary
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Stength: 5-35 knots
Surf / Sea State: Choppy
Air Temperature: 30C
Sea Temperature: 17C
Weather: Overcast
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

A completely mad session iin ridiculous winds. Not only was it the warmest its ever been, but the wind was also the gustiest its ever been.

At first I rigged my 5.7m and my Fanatic Cross and headed off upwind and across to Aberdovey where I'd seen a couple of other people windsurfing. Finding a spot to land on the beach was a nightmare as it was jam-packed with holiday-makers, and the guys I'd seen out earlier were packing up anyway, so I headed back across to Ynyslas. As I did so the wind stepped the stakes up a few nothces and I had a mad overpowered and out of control downwind run back across the estuary. When I reached the other side, I immediately came in and changed down to my 4.5m and my wave board. There was no need to check the wind speed as it was honking, so the smaller the kit the better.

I got back out on the small kit, but was still completely overpowered and could hardly keep the board on the water. 5 minutes of this and I was about to give up and rig my 3.4m, but the wind then calmed down a litle and I had a few runs nicely maxed out on the 4.5m before the wind just stopped completely and I sunk. There was just no wind at all!!

It did fill back in a bit, but remained gusty, so although I stayed out on my small kit I'd get going for a few runs and then just sink again.

There were lots of people on the beach and paddling in the shallows, so I had some fun carving hard near the groups of people paddling and covering them with arcs of spray. Neil (known as Snowboard on the site) was there sat in his car and had been out kite-surfing before I got to the beach, but gave up due to the gusty nature of the wind.

I went back out on my bigger kit for a while, but even with that, I'd be stupidly overpowered for 2 minutes, then totally underpowered, the wind started swinging around and could blow anything from ESE through NE to NNW all within the space of a few seconds... Needliess to say I gave up.

It was good to get in the water to cool off though wearing only shorts, but I have to say when shorts get wet they are more of an encumberance than a wetsuit as they become quite restrictive... But then again, I don't think my speedos would have looked particularly cool!!
Toys Used:
Fanatic Cross 100 255cm 99 litres
Mistral Eruption 257cm 76 litres
Gun Wave MC 4.5m
Gun Wave MC 5.7
North Sting 50 400
Gun Loop C75 430
Gun Wave (2002) 150-200
Gun Wave (2003) 150-200
Bite Wave 28cm
Mistral Crossover 21cm



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