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Registered: 21-07-2002
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Mood: Just Chillin
15th October 2002
Windsurfing: Ynyslas Estuary
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Stength: 30-40 knots
Surf / Sea State: Choppy
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: Overcast
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

What a ridicuous day. It was absolutely howling all day and it just seemed to get stronger as I arrived at the estuary at Ynyslas at around 3pm. I rigged my 3.4m sail and my wave board and headed down to the water to the bemused look of the onlookers, all of whom were too scared to get out of their cars let alone go out on the water...

Maybe they had the right idea as there was no way I could hang on in those conditions. I managed a couple of completely out of control runs, just flying over the closely spaced steep chop, a couple of little jumps and then everything got ripped out of my hands and carried about 30m through the air (double looping as it went!). The kit then landed in the water, but as I started swimming towards it, the wind got hold of it again, picked it up out of the water and carried another 10m or so through the air. When I eventually caught it back up I managed to sail it back to where I started from and decided enough was enough, today the 'Forces-of-Nature' had well and truly won!

So I struggled back up the beach to my van which was getting completely and utterly sand-blasted and packed up. I measuered the windspeed as I was leaving and it was a constant 30-35 knots with gusts of around 40 knots!!...Ridiuclous.

Toys Used:
Mistral Eruption 257cm 76 litres
Gaastra  3.4m
North Sting 50 400
Gun Wave (2002) 150-200
Gun Wave (2002) 150-200



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