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Mood: Just Chillin
3rd May 2003
Windsurfing: Golf Course Car Park, Borth
Wind Direction: S
Wind Stength: 15-25 knots
Surf / Sea State: 1-2 foot surf
Air Temperature: 10C
Sea Temperature: 10C
Weather: Squally showers
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

Steve and I started the day sat in the caravan watching windsurf DVD's and waiting for the wind to fill in properly. It soon did so we took a walk across to see just how windy it was... It was blwong SSW at about 20-22 knots so we quickly walked back (well I hobbled!) and drove around to the Golf Course Car Park. Stevebus was there parked at the opposite end to everyone else and Ian was in then usual rigging spot rigging a 6.3m sail.

Steve and I were going to rig a 5.4m and 5m respectively but just as we were the wind seemed to ease off a little so I rigged my 5.7m and Steve his 6.2m.

'The Flying Scotsman' and Chris were already out kiting. The wind then dropped off completely before we got on the water so we stood around chatting for a bit. It wasn't long before it started filling in again, so after helping Mike (The flying Scotsman) sort his kite out it was time to get in the wetsuit and on the water.

To start with the conditions were a little marginal, but I seemed to be able to get going quicker than the others despite the fact that they had bigger sails (maybe all this practise is paying off). It wasn't long before the wind filled in properly though and everyone was up and planing and having an excellent time. Steve was sailing off to the horizon as usual. Either he's looking for Ireland or can't turn around!!) I was going for jumps off the waves on the inside and the bigger swells out the back and then banking hard into my gybes on the swells. Its such a good feeling laying the sil down and banking hard into a turn before coming out the other side still planing. Ben came out for a sail with his 5.3m, but only stayed out for about half an hour.

After a few hours on the water with the wind still steadily increasing it got to the stage where we were completely maxed out the whole time. Ian semed to be struggling by now, probably a little overpowered, and Stevebus was beginning to spend a little more time in the water. Steve was still hanging on to his 6.2m comfortably and I was having a great time flying along with my 5.7m. I did think about changing down to my wave board and 5.0m a couple of times but decided to just stay out there and make the most of the wind until I could hang on no longer with that kit.

I then snapped my boom somehow, so I went for a quick walk up the beach with my broken boom, got a new one and carried on as if nothing had happened. I decided to see if I could do one-handed jumps, and after a few tentative jumps where I just lifted my back hand off the boom I was soon reaching down and grabbing (well touching very quickly!) the tail of my board whilst airbourne.... Cool, I can do one-handed jumps.

Steve and I then had a little rest and decided after nearly 6 hours on the water that we were too tired to stay out much longer. We decided to have one more run, but it was only a short run as by now the wond had kicked in properly and it was now 4.5-5.0m weather and we could hardly hang on. If only we had waited a few hours before going out, we may have had enough energy for an maxed out evening session on small kit.

Of course it then howled all night long.

An excellent and very exhausting session.
Toys Used:
Fanatic Cross 100 255cm 99 litres
Gun Wave MC 5.7
Gun Loop C75 430
Gun Wave (2002) 150-200
Gun Wave (2003) 150-200
Maui Fin Co. Freestyle 30cm
Sola Concept 6/5/4/3



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