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9th October 2021
Mt. Biking: Around Felixstowe
Wind Direction:
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny and warm
Max Speed: 14.24 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 13.52 mile (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Saturday 9th October – bike ***** – Around Felixstowe including lunch with ‘Emily’ and stop to watch the Womans Tour 2021 pass – sunny, still and warm:).

Woke to another cloudy day but that soon cleared becoming a beautiful warm, still and sunny Autumn Day:) Had a lovely morning at home doing the usual exercises, gardening cooking etc. before I packed a picnic and we set off on our bikes at 12.30. With the Woman’s Cycling Tour (2021) event finishing along Felixstowe seafront later this afternoon, several things going on down there and not liking crowds Mag and I head completely in the opposite direction! Going inland past The Grove Park with a hint of Autumn colours as we reach Marsh Lane with its open farmland looking lovely set against an amazing deep blue sky with hardly a cloud in the sky, warm too:) At Kings Fleet we go up onto the Deben path and with the tide high there were loads of yachts out on the river despite the light airs! We notice the water ski jetty has been repaired and put back in position and we take the second footpath up to our favourite seat at Falkenham Church. Our cheese and ham rolls are absolutely delicious as we take in the fantastic views. Well rested we take the bridle ways, coming out in Trimley St. Martin near the school and notice people waiting for the lady cyclists to pass. A young family laugh and say we are winning; I ask how long before they pass and they said 15 minutes. It was too good an opportunity to miss so we sat by the side of the road to wait, on a long straight bit so we would get a good view. After a while the police motor bikes used as a running road block started to whiz past and we started to get excited:) A few support cars started coming and we could see the TV helicopter approaching so knew they were close. The highlight of the afternoon came next, a pair of OAP cyclists were biking along the path towards Kirton as a string of police motor bikes came past and his words are now ingrained forever – he said – quote – ‘here comes another fucker’ sorry about the language, don’t think it impressed his wife much either! Just made us laugh - someone more grumpy than me! The cyclists appeared going flat out in a large group and I got loads of pics as Mag clapped encouragement:) We waited for the back runners to struggle past, plus the support cars with thousands of pounds worth of bikes on their roofs and last was the ambulance following up the rear! So from trying to avoid the crowds of the bike race we actually got to see them virtually by ourselves and really enjoyed it - well worth the short wait for them to arrive. We then continued home over the A14 to Grimston Lane and the peace and quiet of our tree lined route back. Shower, followed by cuppa and cake to end a top day :)

Photo Album Here

Toys Used:
Cannondale Trail 5 29er



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