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11th September 2021
Windsurfing: Shoreham
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 15-16kts
Surf / Sea State: Choppy
Air Temperature: Nice
Sea Temperature: Nice
Weather: Sunny
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

Second time out on the new Dyno85, and the perfect evening for comparing it to the old Bee267 in lighter winds with a 6.4m sail.

I did lots of single in-out runs, coming to the beach to switch board each time. That way the ups/downs of the wind would be fairly compared. Probably looked a bit kooky to others, though!

For comparison, most others were on 105ltr boards and also 6.5s.

Firstly no problems whatsoever getting or keeping planing on the Dyno85. If anything getting going is a tiny bit easier - just a quick pump and it's off.

Once going the old Bee definitely feels faster (and probably is), and certainly has a more 'locked in' blasting feel to it. The Dyno makes you stand a bit more upright, but is still fast.

The Bee goes upwind a little bit easier, but not a huge difference.

The Dyno is a LOT easier to gybe, and despite having less volume and length keeps the speed up through the gype quite a lot better (very noticeable actually).

The Dyno is quite prone to spin-out if there's a brief drop in the wind (this might well just be my technique but the Bee doesn't do this at all), but this is probably rather expected as it's not designed for such a large sail. But, it works and is still a lot of fun.

All this means that my plan of replacing both the Bee267 *and* the Evo75 with a single board looks like it's going to work :)

I can only fit two boards in my car so this is important - I can now pack either Dyno + Slalom board, or Dyno + 70ltr waveboard, and I doubt I'll ever "wish I brought the other board" again!

Then back home to watch Emma win the Tennis, so quite a good day really.
Toys Used:
Fanatic Bee 267 (90ltr)
Severne Dyno V3 85
Gaasta Remedy 6.4m



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