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10th September 2021
Mt. Biking: Ipswich area
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 6
Surf / Sea State: n/a
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: n/a
Weather: Sunny / cloud
Max Speed: 30.1 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 30 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Hook up with 4 ex-gym buddies for a social ride. All of us are waiting for covid to disappear before going back to the gym. These guys were very competitive on the weight bench so I knew they would turn it into a competition, however decided not to bite! I donít normally ride with others, due to my slow pace of average 13mph over 20 nonstop miles and possibly 14mph if all flat.
All were average 15+ and 17/18mph on flat so, I told them to go if they want to. However it was my turn to choose course, so picked one from my Garmin edge explore computer, that had 4 stiff climbs to take the sting out of the keen ones, Sproughton, Burstall, Somersham, Claydon, Westerfield, Tuddenham, Nacton and loop, 30 miles.
Fortunately they didn't know the route so I led off a steady 14mph until the climbs. The boys behaved until they saw a mile flat when they let rip dropping me decisively. I really donít like riding formation at speed thru country lanes, and after waiting for me, we swopped the pole spot every 2 minutes, but I felt the guy behind wheel was way too close, so had to tell them to back off! Pleasant ride thru the countryside. The course involved off road 4 times on dirt/gravel for probably 8 miles in total. My gravel bike came into its own, as 3 had road bikes and the struggled big time, trying to not smash their expensive carbon frames. Luving it as my diverge gravel ate the ground up following the guy on a hybrid mountain bike. On the level tarmac, heading to Bucklesham/Levington the mountain bike really struggled to keep the 15mph pace, as we were really cracking on! Really glad I now have a gravel bike that really works well on both surfaces as the tyre is not too wide at 37mm with a road slick smooth top deck.
We all agreed after 20 miles to chill the pace, as I had set a PB 14mph average on 20 miles and wouldn't make 30 miles.
Turned into a nice ride back as it is either level on downhill most of the way. I ride 60/70 average cadence, choosing gears to suit and it worked well to keep the guy with the MTB behind, so when he led I had a breather. On the last 5 miles the 3 fast guys had a burn up and disappeared on the long Sproughton section, with 20 mph averages whilst the MTB and I stayed at 12mph. Great ride but was knackered after, and not sure if I will repeat the group ride anytime soon. They are just too quick for me. HR average was high at 122 peaking 179, even though I stuck to my normal cadence, but I was riding harder gears as the pace rose. Thought calories burnt would be higher @ 960 according to my Garmin pro chest monitor. Watch said 1300+ calories. Good ride, but pace a bit hot and tyre to tyre riding at pace makes me very nervous. Got thru 3 bars and 2 bottles of water and was still thirsty! We all dreamt we were back in the gym sauna to warm down. Interesting riding with others because they all ride a harder gear than I do. Their cadence is about the same but they do pump one or 2 harder smaller gear. I did try on the flat sections and yes once you get the rhythm going, it does make you faster.
30 miles in 2hrs 20 mins average 13mph.
Toys Used:
Specialised Diverge Gravel 54cm



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