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26th August 2021
Windsurfing: Bradfield
Wind Direction: N
Wind Stength: 10-20kts
Surf / Sea State: bumpy
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: Cloud
Max Speed: 21.14kts (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 19.59nm (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Just the sun missing for a top day at Bradfield. Last to arrive and plenty of water, loads of fins and foils in the field. Saw a P7 black sail tanking down the middle on fin and though that used to be me on fin! Wind was gusty as normal here, but seemed to max at around 20/25kts with white water in the far bay. Having sailed with Colsey Nick and Graham a fair bit at Bradfield sail choice was easy. If its white water I go 8.3 if itís anything less its 9.3 and for them its 9 or 10! My natural instinct was 7.8 but as its river sailing rigged the 8.3 North "S" type with 2 cams, and bottom cam removed for easy life, but less speed.
The next choice was foil, stick with 1100 front or drop to 900 on the SB race kit (set for freeride not race). My only error today was trying the 500 light wind rear wing instead of using the correct 330 stab. Am learning from the pro boys but sometimes too lazy to change things.
Most sailors today were on 7M down and going OK and the wind was up so was a bit worried.
Foilers went towards the oil refinery whilst fins played towards Wrabness. Conditions were spot on at launch - no pumping required! After crawling from the beach I hit the wind belt pretty hard and felt the full 25kts! The 500 stab was too much although I thought I had tamed it with the -1 spacer, wrong again! Today was the 330 day, but released the back hand when I was overpowered. Although I would have rigged smaller on the sea - in the river the boys are correct going big, because I only felt out of control in the major gusts. Big runs to Holbrook bay and round the corner towards the refinery - but it was pretty windy there so turned back just in case and continued to run the river length. I didn't sail near other sailors and continued to experiment. Using the old Slingshot 76cm I had to keep the mast foot at the back, even in big winds to keep it flying, where as the MF is now in the middle and all the straps are now forward, which is much more comfortable. I now use the rear straps for much longer runs as I find it more comfortable. Wipe out a few times, twice trying to gybe and 3 times trying Colesy instructions to sheet in hard and go deeper downwind for more speed, rather than my usual stand up and release the back hand with no power, killing the speed of the foil.
Fortunately I did sheet in a couple of times, long enough to know what am supposed to do, to stop breaching. My weight was too far back, not loading the MF. Will practice that Saturday as similar forecast. Decided not to try gybing any more as too windy, but pretty much all the others are doing flying gybes, so am falling behind in that department. Unfortunately I need to perfect my downwind speed so gybing is on the backburner.
Today continues to prove I donít need my fin boards, but am loathed to sell them, just in case. The 8.3 North S type is a fantastic sail not back handing once in the 20/25 knots gusts.
After an hour or so I went in to hydrate and changed the stab for the 330 and whoa a huge difference in comfort level! The set up was 1100 FR / 95+ Fuse and the 330 rear stab on -1. That will definitely be my high wind set up, with the mast foot in the middle. Shame I didnít launch with that as tide had turned and the water was leaving fast.
So far have only used 2 sails regularly for foiling 8.3 / 9.3, so I would also get shot of all the others, (just keeping the 7.8) if the fin boards went. Thatís a lot of dosh not being used and just devaluing. Great day covering 19.59nm - max speed 21.14 (Slingshot would have been 18.xas I haven't improved - SS would have been 18.x) HR was high averaging 108 for the session which is worrying. Max HR 165 was also high for me, but guess it was the big gusts requiring more effort.
Top day - more Saturday hopefully.

Toys Used:
EXOCET RF-91 155L - 230 X 91cm
Chinook Race 180_246
STARBOARD Fuse Plus 95+
ONeil reactor 3mm long sl XXXL



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