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16th August 2021
Windsurfing: Bradfield
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Stength: 15-20+kts
Surf / Sea State: flat/swell
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: Sunny
Max Speed: 21.01 kts (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 19.91 nm (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Today was my best foiling session since learning the sport a couple of years ago. Although the my old Slingshot was a good freeride foil, easy to sail, this Starboard 1100 wing in freeride setup takes it to another level for smooth take off and balanced cruising at 12+kts. Would highly recommend the kit for heavy weights where the choice appears to be Slingshot with 76 or 84/99 wings. I found the faster I went on the SL the more I had to move back on the RF91 foil board to stop it nose diving.
That said I did crash a few times as I am trying to tune in to the kit and trying a few feeble gybes. I was nearly round flying on the Slingshot just dropping on the flip but I found the SB harder, so just did normal flare gybes or tacked.
Several foilers out with one lone fin (Jason) coming out of Wrabness, tanking it! I def missed a decent fin blast on flat water as I was very envious of him.
Wind was full on down the river, with yachts keeled over. My instincts were to rig 7.8, but the pro's advised go big as wind was due to drop. Next choice was setup - freeride 1100/95 fuse or race 900/115+ fuse. Being very lazy I left the light wind freeride kit from yesterday, just to see what would happen!
Lord James launched first and went off like a rocket on 6.5 out of control! Bugger! It was very windy now with white water at Mistley, so I waited and down hauled the big 9.3 S type after depowering it by removing the bottom cam. Thankfully the wind eased to probably 15kts so launched. Once I left the wind shadow I shot off out of control and crashed after 100m as way too much power and couldn't keep the foil in the water. Then I noticed I left the mast foot at the back! The North mast foot connection is very small and neat but its almost impossible to get a decent grip to undo it, so had to limp over to the far side to move it well forward. This was interesting because I had to almost always leave to Slingshot at the very back of the track on the Exocet RF91 - to get easy lift as I dont pump. Now with the stab set +1 degree for max lift on the SB - I was getting way too much! That proves that having variable stab angle makes a difference. Moved the MF between front and middle - and bingo! Took off in a stiff breeze, both feet in the straps tanking from Mistley towards Wrabness by the trees on the far side - brilliant! DC, Nick, James and Joe all went towards Wrab and the gas works, but it was too windy there so before Wrab bay so I could easily hide in the lee on the beach. James joined me to wind me up and pass as always - but he had a shock coming. When we both had Slingshots he would torment me by passing very close on his SB freeride board with the 76cm SL foil.
He wanted me to clock the speeds he was doing with the GW60 watch I have, so we canned it from Mistley to Wrabness a few times and the only time he caught me was in the lulls. I went to pass him when we were both flat out but just as I was about to overtake, I crashed whilst heeling the board to cross in front of him. He then crashed also, that was hilarious. I had a quick look at the speed and that run was 19.2kts so he was happy. DC was in and out tuning, think he switched to 800 wing, and boy these guys were fast! They were everywhere chasing each other, pulling off spectacular high speed gybes with their humongous Patrik board / 9+ sails. DC chased up behind me shouting go broader and bore off to demonstrate the angle. I was travelling so fast with both feet in the straps on the flat water I daren't disturb the flight so bottled it. Easing the back hand power and moving the back foot was too hard. He said he didn't use his back strap (along with the others) all day. Only me and Jim use rear straps. I just feel locked that way and only leave the strap going downwind. I did some downwind practice, pretty much releasing the back hand and back foot in the middle but much slower as am not comfortable. Will keep trying though but much prefer broad reaching in straps. The wind went so strong as the tide turned I had to quickly get off the water whilst some stayed out. It must have been well over 20 kts with white water all over at Mistley which lasted another 30 mins! Very strange. Did 19.91 nm and maxed at 21.01, 3 or so knots faster than the Slingshot using same style. Best foiled day by miles. Swopped notes with the SB boys always picking up tips.

Toys Used:
STARBOARD Fuse Plus 95+
ONeil reactor 3mm long sl XXL



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