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1st October 2020
Mt. Biking: Ipswich area
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Stength: 6kts
Surf / Sea State: n/a
Air Temperature: OK cool
Sea Temperature: n/a
Weather: Cloud
Max Speed: 22.3 mph (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 13 miles (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Although the gym is open, still donít feel safe mingling, so continuing the keep fit regime, biking. Normal its 2/3 or 4 hrs riding which I enjoy, but the day looked ready for showers, so went for some HITT training for 10 miles which is normally 40 mins like the gym spinning class, which is spin fast, rest, climb, rest, maintain revs, rest, thru the whole session.
Itís always traffic dependent as I canít find a decent quiet stretch of road near me to do it properly.
Session went great especially the sprints on the road bike, running my HR up to the max 150 ish, dropping back to 100-120 on the rest periods.
There were no fake climbs as I genuinely have a nice 10% near me which is quite long on the old Norwich road.
My Focus Cayo 2.0 Carbon bike is a nice ride and although old, its pretty quick if the road is smooth as running 28ís which is nice and wide for my weight. I completed the session in 42 mins, just outside PB. Although a bit sweaty, I didn't feel as if I had done much after faffing around putting all the gear on, setting up apps and music in my helmet, which is why I prefer long rides, so when I got back, the last thing I want to do is ride a bike!!
Decided to go again, as the rain didn't turn up, big mistake. Lactic must have built up when I got back thinking about it, cos after the second mile sprinting, I blew up knackered! I was now approaching the start of the slope, an then the hill after my 2 min rest, but literally couldn't crank the normal large front gear so drop down to granny wheel to keep the cadence going. Waste of time, cos I saw the hill and decided to turn back lol! Sat and thought about it, after a decent drink and a couple of jellies, but the legs had gone. Must be age. Cruised back the 3 miles and called it a day. Normally after weights and a spin class in the gym, I head for the steam / sauna for a nice sweat, which removes any signs of lactic and stiffness.
Covid is a pain (ask Trump lol!) and to rub salt in the wound, the gym membership monthly has started again cos its open, without steam or sauna, so paying for nothing...
Hope or some fin or foil wind soon.

Toys Used:
Focus Cayo 2.0 Road 56cm



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