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26th July 2020
Windsurfing: Bradfield
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Stength: 10-25kts
Surf / Sea State: flat
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: Sunny / cloud
Max Speed: 19.01 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 24nm (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Bradfield my choice today with the forums split, some at Felixstowe Manor, Levington and Alton.
Plenty of west in todayís wind to make it an easy choice with a 5 ish high tide. The usual Bradfield crew out with 12 sailors all on foils although learner Dave started on fin. The wind was around F4 and very windy on the far side in the cross off wind. Was thinking 7.8 and the 76 Slingshot front wing. Benn using the 84 which is a great light wind monster but it easily gets overpowered and being very slow, sometimes itís almost unsailable in F4+.
There was much debate on sail choice which ranged from 6.5 to 10M taking out by Nick while Colsey went 9M. Have learned to watch the wind a little and not rush to rig if not sure and sure as hell the wind drop to around 10kts from probably 20kts so I knew it was going to be gusty, so went big.
Stuart crawled out on 6.5 but wasnít flying until the middle. Casting doubt I might me too big. With Graham on 9.4 and he is smaller went with 9.3 North S type / Slingshot 76 / Exocet RF91.
Hit the wind belt early in a perfect F4 and had the best beat run have had on a foil straight up to Manningtree, absolutely 5 star that one. The track was just behind mid from last week which wasnít suitable as the 76 wing was very nervous to fly in the lighter wind, but did the beat well. Colsey and Nick went to the bank on the far side and had fantastic runs down to beyond Wrabness where the wind was pretty strong. I was overpowered so stayed away. The first thing I noticed was the North S type with 3 cams was far more stable than my rotational 8.5, in that the rotational sail always needs to be powered to take off, whilst the cam sail went up and stayed up, + point higher. If flat water I shall use that as my go to sail for foiling.
Comparing the Slingshot 84cm versus the 76 wing was interesting. As am over 100kg in light wind take off the 84cm definitely goes up far easier. Today I had to really plane hard to get the 76cm up.
After an hour out the wind drop to around 10kts and stayed that way for 30 minutes and the 76 didnít get up at all without hard pumping. I saw Stuart Jim and Graham just about flying on 9.4 then and normally I can keep with them on the 84cm. I was thinking of having 2 fuses with the 84 / 76cm setup permanently so only 2 screws to swop, but unfortunately I over corrected a bent fuse and itís not ready yet, and I canít believe the cost of the rear wing connection.
James was having a torrid time but he had the Slingshot 76 front wing set on the ďCĒ position, which isnít recommended by SL, so told him to switch to the ďBĒ slot. He went a little better but as I said you have to persevere with foiling which has a steep learning curve, in fact I had at least 5 big wipe outs today on the downwind legs.
When the 76 front wing gets flying, prob just over 12 kts and a few pumps it was much smoother than the 84 which always feels as if itís dragging weed. The 76 is fast as recorded 19.10 max speed today, when in more wind the 84cm seems to stop at 18.x.
Had some brilliant runs Manningtree to Wrabness now very comfortable stuffing up wind if overpowered lowering the foil dramatically in both sraps, although on the sea in waves I would have been too low. I donít think you can compare the 76 and 84cm SL front wings. They are 2 different products for light (84) and medium (76) winds and for a heavy weight like me Ė the 84cm is a must. No way can I get foiling in 10kts on the 76 unless I pump my aíse off! But, when the 76 is flying itís a beautiful thing and the 84cm would have been a pig.
I was just about to pack up after tide turned Ė well knackered when the wind came up easily 20 + kts in huge gusts and everyone rushed out again for another brilliant hour! Lesson learnt from last week, the wind always picks up after high tide at Bradders. Foil learner Dave switched to fin and was blasting towards Manningtree far side where I headed, well over powered, def too much sail now! I had my first upwind wipeout for a long while as I fumbled getting in the back straps. Am not impressed with the RF91 footstraps which flattens and not return to shape, like the brilliant straps on my JP boards. You can stand on them and they donít even collapse!
On the far side I had to land and move the track all the way forwards. Huge difference now, as able to control the board in 20kts with a 9.3M although the water was very flat. Flew all the way to Wrabness but in that awful stand up, bum out position downwind stance. I felt there was going to be an almighty crash sooner or later as it was on this run I was clocking 19.10. It felt like 30kts on a fin board. I couldnít believe I recovered from several dreadful breeches and nose dives.
Dave packed up but me Jim Graham and Nick, milked the last hour with some fast runs up and down. Stuart who lives far away went but had another brilliant sail on his none foil board. Although I only covered 24nm I lost at least an hour with either light wind slogging or faffing trying to undo the mast foot. Pre tide it was 5 stars and after tide 10 stars, although I got away with murder as the water was very flat. Brilliant day all round, with plenty of banter before and after tide. Next time will brave beyond Wrabness in the really strong winds.

Toys Used:
EXOCET RF-91 155L - 230 X 91cm
Chinook Race 180_246
ONeil reactor 3mm long sl XXL



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