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6th July 2020
Windsurfing: Bradfield
Wind Direction: NW
Wind Stength: 15-25kts
Surf / Sea State: flat/swell
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: Cloud
Max Speed: 26.30 kts (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 14.8 nm (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

My best sail of the year so far for comfort and ease. Just miffed I didn't come an hour earlier as most got there 10 ish which was spot on. Wind had a little too much west in it, so launch was light, but you could see the big gusts coming thru. Weren't sure on sail size 7.8 or 7.2, but others advised 7.8. Loads out with a 50/50 mix of fin / foil. Have already decided fin on windy fin days, foil on light wind days, so easy choice.
Bradfield is a really ideal windsurf / foil site (or SUP / canoe fishing etc) as rigging on grass next to waterís edge. Fins were flying, but with the light edges sometimes, I switched boards from the JP Super ride 132L to the same board but, 146L. Both boards are really short designs, pintails, and feel much smaller than stated volume. I had forgotten to charge the GW60 speed watch, but luckily it had 1/2 charge, but backed it up with my old GT31 with a much better battery time.
Went straight off the beach, unlike most of my sails recently, so knew this was going to be a great day for me. Unfortunately it was way windier in the middle than I thought, my lines were setup for foil and wasn't right. After re-adjustments and max downhaul, game on. Absolutely spot on tearing up and down with the fin guys. Foils had disappeared all over the river and they were all doing really well, cos I was maxed in the gust, but I didn't envy them one bit!
There were a few lulls, handy for a breather but had some scorching broad runs towards the school. Not broad enough for best speed times but OK. Problem is always, rivers are fickle and if the wind drops and you are too are downwind itís a pain.
The river has a nice swell in the middle, a bit like Mersea where you can run up the wave face then kicked down for a major boost of speed. Was in windsurf heaven. The only grief was I maybe should have used the 132L and stay in the wind zone, because with almost 30kt gusts I was having issues in the middle keeping the board down.
If only the wind carried thru to the edges where the water was flat. I didn't drop a gybe, but I did cheat, only gybing at the edges where the water was flat. Luv flat water gybes!
Happy with the 146L max speed 26.30 kts as itís a big board after all. The wind went very light so had a break, whilst the foilers were having a ball. Saw a spectacular line of 5 boards led by Jobro, Guy and Si Jay with Colesy trying to overtake them upwind with his new Exocet monster foil board. Jobro looked very quick as I was tracking him once and although I was closing him down he must have been travelling 25kts!
Had another great session after the break, but made a bad error as the wind went light again. I thought that was it as the tide turned, so packed up, but most stayed out and had another brilliant hour! Well happy however but mileage was low at 14.8 nm.
Had burn ups with Darren on his Proton board, held him off, but me and Pete had lined up for a drag race back to the farm as we gybed together, both ready to pull the trigger. Was looking forward to showing the Fox 120 my rear end (the Fox is a fast board especially upwind). As usual Pete went for the high line and I couldn't stop him, but just as we bore off the poxy wind died and we semi planed back. Shame, next time. I missed some fast sailing at Point Clear and Mersea, at the week-end but today made up for it for sure.
Good workout as well burning 1737 calories and Max HR 152

Toys Used:
JP  146L SUPER RIDE FWS 240 X 78
NORTH 460 GOLD 460
MK Carbon CP2 160 - 220
JP  SUPER RIDE 46 46cm



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