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3rd July 2020
Windsurfing: Manor Felixstowe
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Stength: 12/25
Surf / Sea State: bumpy
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: Sunny / cloud
Max Speed: 24.3 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 11.2 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

The forecast was dodgy cross off for Felixstowe and a mate sailing at Wrabness ask me to join him, which I had planned to do, launching from Bradfield. The tide was mid morning so it was a narrow windy / sailing band. He sailed but said it was gusty although another sailor using an 8M had a good time.
My tow bar hitch was faulty and I was sweating on the replacement hook first thing from the garage, but it didn't arrive so plan B was to sail low tide at the Manor. That was a crap decision. The wind was cross off to off, with no wind band. The big gusts fooled me into rigging 6.2 despite smaller guys rigging 6.5! I swapped my 112L Freemove for a JP132L to compensate when the wind dropped to almost nothing.
My first run didn't happen on 6.2 as everyone blitz me. All my fault. When the wind freshened I was OK, but the sea was the type I really hate. Short chop going out and you canít run around them because they are so short. My modern JP Superide might be marketed as not bouncy, but it was, although to be fair a 132L should be used in 25kts sea, but itís the only way I could survive the lulls. Most said they had a good time, so who am I to argue. To me thatís just bumpy krap and no fun, so I said that despite receiving abuse as a moaner lol! I love a moan anyway, am a windsurfer ffs!
I didn't even bother to go on a downwind drag to get a GPS time, something I like to do, but a waste of time today. The lads kindly helped me to rig 6.7, which was better in the lulls but a handful in the gusts, as not enough downhaul. To be honest I wished I had not bothered as we were going for a night out in the Motorhome, but I talked my missus out of it saying the wind forecast was too high! Karma I guess! All the fish and chips had huge queues so also missed my usual chips, which made the day even worse. Next time...the famous next time. Burnt 1800 calories so I guess thats a positive, and I didn't break anything. I also forgot to fit the 38cm fin, which would have quietened the board down a bit.

Toys Used:
JP  132L SUPER RIDE FWS 232 X 73
Neil Pryde HELL CAT 6.2
MK CPX 160 - 210
Prolimit 5_3 S.ARM FUSION FTM  XXL



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