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31st May 2020
Windsurfing: Bradfield
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Stength: F4/5+
Surf / Sea State: bumpy
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: Sunny
Max Speed: 26.2kts (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 15.4 nm (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

First session in almost a year on fin, after spending last summer learning foiling till Oct/ Nov.
Wind was howling thru and was debating 7.8 or 7.2, 2 vastly different sails power wise. No chance of foiling - all I wanted to do was get on a fin and blast. Loads out maybe 12 with 1 foiler for this late evening 5pm sail, due to late tide. Water was away out at 5pm but most had turned up early and waded out to the superb sunny conditions.
2 Slalom racers on the circuit were chasing each other around with a go pro, with one hitting 29kts on his GW60, very quick. The other guys were having a good time, with some coming in to change down, as the middle was very windy around F5+
Rigged 7.8 / JP132 Super ride, first time on the water since purchase from a fella in Bournemouth.
I flew off the beach but wiped out instantly as couldn't get in the foot straps which seemed OK on land. Decided to persevere to see if it loosened up and had some stonking runs. Fin is definitely more exciting than foil, screaming off the swell in the middle, then heeling back up in the troughs to gain speed.
Unfortunately the foot straps were a pain in the butt, as I fumbled getting in or out so my foot was stuck in the gybes. Sailed back to make the necessary adjustments which involved also moving the screws, so lost 30 mins of even more wind. The 7.8 was well over in the middle so had to resist sheeting in till the far side.
The JP Superide 132L went like a dream. It was a gamble selling my nice Severne Fox 120 for this board. The 120 did need a lot of wind to get me up planing but would stay OK in a F5 if water flat, but my 7.8 Goya Mark felt big for the Fox due to my heavy weight, so it seems the Fox was only happy from 7.2 down for me, which is no good to me.
The JP 132 and the 7.8 is a match in heaven as the board seems very thick, and a good weight carrier. In the lulls its even better because when the Fox dropped off plane, this board just glide thru, yet stayed OK at the top of a F5 in choppy waters. Designs have gone full circle as the back end is now almost pin tail, hence the nice handling in high winds compare to a Bolt 135 I also owned. That was burning out in F4 rough seas, although very quick on flattish water. Yep the JP 132L Super ride is a nice board, and will be my go to board for sure.
Still didn't make any gybes, even after adjusting the straps. I moved the straps in slightly, sacrificing speed for comfort. The water was bumpy and I was a bit clumsy on fin, after spending months on foil. After 2hrs 30 mins on the water I was absolutely knackered and was very glad to see the beach just after 8pm when the tide turned. Had a few burn ups with James on his Fox 120 and was well happy the JP stayed with him, as he is very quick.
The only sad thing was I forgot to do some speed runs downwind! Again due to foiling where speed dont matter, I totally lost concentration and just spent the time reaching and trying to get a decent gybe in. James pulled off a spectacular tack at full speed in front of me. Cooky had the better of Simon on the day - Cooky was burning up the Stour - although both had to leave early.
Nice evening sail for sure and met up with a few guys I haven't seen in years.
No chance of a sail Monday as bones ache! Fin in high winds is definitely harder work than foiling on the body. I forgot to put my HR watch on, but I think the heart was pumping hard.

Toys Used:
JP  132L SUPER RIDE FWS 232 X 73
NORTH 460 GOLD 460
MK Carbon CP2 160 - 220



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