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6th April 2020
Mt. Biking: Claydon to Trimley
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 12kts
Surf / Sea State: n/a
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: n/a
Weather: Sunny
Max Speed: 12.7 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 30.1 miles (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

After Sunday rest day / recovery headed out for another 30 miler on the Claude Butler Urban Trekker (hybrid) fitted with Rock shoxs and Jones handle bar. No sugar bars just water. Tweaked the setup Sunday, although I dont have a power meter, my form on Saturday was not quite right in the drive sectors, with my left leg splaying out badly when driving hard on the big gears. Also out of saddle intervals felt swingy. Tweaked (raised) seat height and moved back, (plumb line / knee / mid foot). Also moved the Jones bar further forward o add power to front..
Proof was in the pudding and the target was beating 10.8 mph 30 mile average with the same effort but improved form - so on the outset, controlled form and used main crank to keep output constant. Always used the same route to ensure no deviation / placebo's.
Ride felt smooth straight away with that 2cm height raise! Shoulder comfort great on the Jones hood and front arm support.
Target was to keep 45 mins per 10 miles with heart rate around 100-120, and the journey to Sproughton, out to Claydon went superb with little head wind, averaging 15mph, a PB for me. Powered up an old disused road out o saddle mainly, back to NW Ipswich towards Henley out of saddle on intervals on the big crown, but alas blew up a little so - pace after first 10 miles. Had 2 bloody great wedges I had to release ffs sakes so had to stop a couple of mins on the way to Foxhall and Purdis heath. Traffic was light on the Ipswich ring round so up the pace back to 15mph but HR was running 130, so backed off after a couple of miles. Tagged on to a slow drophead for the 3 miles to Purdis, which was handy, but he must have been having a breather, as he disappeared whilst I was cranking 15 mph. Form was giving me much better power out put. Shame I donít have a power meter to keep it constant because inevitable I took the easy speedometer route on the country lane when headed into wind, driving 12mph. The 20 mile mark was fast approaching so I had to wake up!
Its so easy to lose the plot and day dream, on the speedo, if you see your desired speed not realising the down slope and backwind which means you should be driving hard with this advantage. Def need a power meter to keep the work rate up. Hit the 20 mls marker in 1hr 28 mins so splits were great just nicking under the 45 mins. The slog to Trimley near Felixstowe was hard, with a weird x wind - was lonely on a long 3 mile quiet stretch, bored and was carrying another major wedgey! Past Levington decide to water up and dropped the poxy bottle! So had to recoup, but used the change to remove my draws which I forgot to do- to stop these wedges ffs! Turned at Trimley and headed straight into wind, but started to drive hard out of saddle and was feeling great. Traffic non existent on the old Felixstowe road, but plenty of black flies. Stopped doing the interval sprints and out of saddle work on the back 10 miles as I hit the 20 ml goal under 1hr 30, so stayed on the hood and again held form for some great smooth cruising rides. So much better and no knee pain. Hit traffic lights every time heading towards the town so switch to docks for the cool sea breeze. Average dropped as I smelt home a couple of miles away. Alas the speed dropped from average 13.7 to 12.6 mph but was a cool down last 3 miles. Now looking at more tweaks to improve the ride for same average 104 HR, and looking o stay in cardio zone longer than the 26% I recorded. Was a nice ride for me today and no aches after stretch down which is good for me. Biking is nice in no traffic. Rest day tomorrow.

Toys Used:
Claude Butler Urban trekker 



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