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30th December 2019
Multisport - Trip Report: UK + Tenerife
Wind Direction: Review of 2019
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

Review of 2019
Things I learned in 2019
1. I should have got my bigger (94l) wave board earlier.
2. Kiting is better than windsurfing if wind up and down a bit.
3. I shall not try windfoiling as it is light wind option and local area usually has enough to wind/kite on 7.5m/11m, or too light to even windfoil. So saved myself a few Łk there.
4 Best gear and sporting options depend on where you live, so listen to others but make your own decision.
5. Kite cruising is better than windsurf cruising as more open to elements and views, but windsurf blasting is better than kite blasting.
6 Kiting is much less tiring than windsurfing and see why kiters use thicker suits

Overall a good year as I wind/kited 126 days (147 sessions - 88 windsurf and 59 kite with multiple sessions morning and afternoon in Tenerife, or kite morning and windsurf afternoon in UK))+ 2 days catameran. Sails used 3.7m (6), 4.2 (14), 4.7m (25), 5.3m (28). 6m (15), 7.5m (13), 9m kite (equivalent to 4.7m/5,3m Windsurf), 11m kite (57, equivalent to 6m/7.5m windsurfing). I missed some good days: six alone in December due to two colds!
I am surprised so much was on small gear, 28% of wind/kite sessions on 4.7m or smaller and 45% on 5.3m and smaller. I am also surprised I kited 38% of all sessions, as I kited rather than windsurf to improve my kiting, and winds were either too S or NW for local beach and much easier to load car with kite gear

Tenerife - I wind and kitesurfed 43 out of 83 days on my 86l quad windsurfer for 30 sessions and kite for 27, which was about 50% of days and a bit less than usual, but at least windy days were windier than usual
Sails used: 3.7m (4),4.2m (5), 4.7m (8), 5.3m(10); 11m kite (27) equivalent to 6m-7.5m windsurfing for me (85kg). Kiting gave a wider wind range for luggage allowance and copes better with El Medano gusty conditions.
Waveriding at harbour wall was poor and has been snce they completed bigger harbour up the coast. There were only a few days with shore break waves, though they get crowded and wind is light inshore.
El Medano is a challenging place to learn kiting as water is choppy, wind sometimes gusty, busy, and you quickly run out of beach. Loads of windsurfing and kiting experts ready with tips which helps
Holiday ended on 17 no-wind days, returning the day after I left - c'est la vie.
Overall a 4* year. If my waveriding had improved more would be 5*.
Toys Used:
JP FreeRAce 125
Tabou Quadster 86
Catamaran Dart 18 foot
JP SuerSport 100
Goya Quad 94
Star Cruz 142 x 43
Simmer Iron 5.3
North Ice 4.7
North Hero 4.2
Severne Turbo 7.5m
Goya Banzaii 3.7
North Hero 4.7
SimmerStyle VMax 6m
RRD Passion 11m
Best TS V4 9m
 freeride 38cm
JP Freeride 28
F2 slalom 36
JP FreeRace 44
Zinger Slot Box 18
Zinger Slot Box 2 x 9cm
Zinger 2014 2 x 16cm
Zinger  16cm
K4 Stubby 2x14
GFR Hood River 32cm
MFC Side 350 side pair
K4 Leon SS Rear 16
Select Freeride 34



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