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16th May 2019
Windsurfing: Felixstowe Dip
Wind Direction: ENE
Wind Stength: F4/5
Surf / Sea State: Lumpy
Air Temperature: OK
Sea Temperature: OK cool
Weather: Sunnyish
Max Speed: 26.24 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 18.9 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

First sail with wind since last November on medium kit. My previous attempt with a big board was a flop. Whats app group again notified a nice 15kts and sunshine, so although working till 3pm turned down the cash and took off as needed a sail, although not in a hurry as tide was just dropping.
Sea looked OK on arrival and 2 guys went out on 7.2, so started to rig 7.8 / 135L Bolt when Andy returned promptly saying he was overpowered, so de-rig and rigged 7.2, but with hindsight 6.7 would have been more controllable on the big Bolt as I am still awaiting my 125L. The sea was big out by the river buoys and was a bloody handful on the Bolt, in fact sometimes a nightmare! I only have a 46cm fin and that was too big.
This is the worse sea I have been on in a NE which is normally nice!
I had the board setup with all straps in the outer / back slalom positions, but that turned out to be a huge mistake. As the good runs were from kite bay going full pelt down wind pass the dip then heeling up high close reaching out to sea to get back to kite bay. The inside was flat but fairly short to build up speed so faffing to get in straps made the board unstable every time. You then hit the waves almost full on so control was very important today, and I had none!
Squiz and Andy M were doing speed runs while Swainey was trying to blast past everyone. His GPS was the lowest but I did say to him, close reaching will never get max GPS speed, but dont think he bothered with the broad reach stuff which I enjoy on the flat bits.
I am bored with windsurfing truthfully but clocking speed is interesting and tweaking straps and mast positions to achieve best speed is also technical so interesting. The outside straps give good speed but I found it hard to get in and then to control the board in the big waves . The Bolt would not stay in the water unless I slowed down, so the speed part of the run was way too short before the lumps. Also not sheeting in properly made me stand up higher which I hate. Colsey says fly the fin but the board snaked too much when I did that, although to be fair I should have been on less than 135L as it was windy.
I didn't make one gybe on the outside in the big seas, only on the beach flat side in kite bay. Several sailors were out and most had a good time whilst Colsey was training on his foil in the big seas. He said he was clearing the waves - using a 7.x Severne race sail. Very good skills there to do that.
After trying the mast foot back a couple of inches I continued to lose control, so have now finally decide, bugger the best top speeds - the mast is going all the way forward, as normal for control (which I had before) and the straps returning forwards and inwards, as comfort comes first way be4 speed. Colsey said I am a wuss, no gain without pain - stuff that lol!
Had a couple of nice gybes off the big waves on the outside only to fumble and fall trying to hook in, fumbling around the straps, so close to those sweet gybes. Next time. Got knackered from so many water starts and adjustments but general strength good and no aches and pain. Heart rate went max 130 average 90 so didn't stress out at all, so well happy the gym work is paying off. Managed to park my trailer at the spa car park for a long steam session / gentle swim, tea and jacket pot with all the trimming. Just dont get better!
Next faff will be getting my RRD foil on the water for the first time at the Reservoir lol!

Toys Used:
NORTH 460 GOLD 460
MK Carbon CP2 160 - 220



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