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26th April 2019
Windsurfing: Felixstowe Manor
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: F2 - F4
Surf / Sea State: Lumpy
Air Temperature: OK cool
Sea Temperature: OK cool
Weather: Sunny
Max Speed: Prob early
Distance Covered: Prob 20 Nm

Wahoo group said action at Manor end speed sensors looked OK, so bombed down @ 12, to meet up with 3 others, with Andy and Craig coming off the water as wind dropped and Squiz not bothering. Poxy windsurfing, twice now de ja vu.
Rigged 9.2 Phantom / Ultrasonic 147.
The others packed up but luckily as I was about to Ian turned up and the wind filled in albeit up/down. Had some great rides, but GPS battery flat and watch lasted 10 mins, flat battery!
Wind died for me again but lightweight Ian planed the whole time.
The wind freshened again and I had to set the sail properly as way too baggy early one. Nice run towards the pier then went overpowered, flunk the gybe and couldn't water start as just too windy. God I hate this sport sometimes! Went over the top 3 or 4 times then luckily it eased enough to water start and powered back. It took all my strength to hang on in the gusts. The wind eased as I hit the beach, but was too knackered to try again, as the sea was now very lumpy near high tide. Manor is not great at high tide. Ian was dumped when landing at high tide as the shore break increased to huge in regular patterns. We both packed up as it freshened again. Dont think the others who left would have enjoyed it although there was nice long reaches to the pier. My 147 SB Ultrasonic eats up flat water but is a pig in the lumps. I might have to cancel my sold 145 Patrik as its a great board in the lumpy stuff for some reason and its a big board. Might have to keep both the SB for the foil and the Patrik for light wind lumpy stuff! Shame the Patrik is a power box - as I dont think its strong enough to foil. Poxy sport.
Toys Used:
Starboard Ultrasonic 147
GAASTRA 75% HARD TOP SDM 490 (imcs 29)
Chinook Carbon Race carbon 195- 261
Black Project Type R Racing 60



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