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9th March 2019
Skiing:  La Chevrerie
Wind Direction:
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: cloudy with light rain.
Max Speed: 37.47 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 28.29 mile (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Saturday 9th March Ė Ski ***** La Chevrerie in France Ė cloudy with light rain.

5 hours. out, 28.29 miles covered & 37.47 knot max speed, two lift passes with insurance 52 Euros.

A good night in the carpark near the La Chevrerie ski lift and were left in peace and quiet when the few people leaving the small bar said goodnight and went home about eight last night. We really wanted to ski on our last day in the mountains but things didnít look great at first with cloud and rain. Checked the forecast on the mobile for Morzine just across the way and rain was shown all day but it was supposed to be light snow all day yesterday and it didnít come so we didnít give up straight away. So, no real hurry, a bit of a read in bed, then Mag managed to do her exercises outside as the rain stopped. Then I got dressed and checked the conditions which were much like yesterday with the cloud high enough most of the time not to affect the skiing visibility. We both said at the same time that it would be a shame not to ski here as it is one of our favourite spots and itís our last chance!!:) So while Mag made the porridge and packed a picnic, I sorted out the ski gear. The great thing about this little resort is it links into St-Jean DíAulps which is only ten minutes from Morzine via two 5km pistes that take you into the middle of nowhere :) It makes a great loop with a good mixture of pistes :) Because La Chevrerie is at the end of a dead-end road a bit off the beaten track it is usually very quiet and today was no exception, just how we like it! It was only a short walk to the ticket office where our aim was to get a 5 hour pass but something got lost in translation and we ended up with a day pass but it only cost 52 Euros for the two of us so we didnít lose any sleep over that and my senior discount made up the difference anyway!! We got on the rickety Torchon lift with wooden slated seats at eleven to start our adventure. Mag was keen to end the skiing on a good day as we have struggled a little on some less than perfect icy/bumpy pistes and the snow looked great today being milder there was no ice :) The Follys button then takes you to the top of the Col des Follys where you ski over to Aulps but we did a blue back just to get our ski legs and to check the snow, it was pretty near perfect, perhaps a bit sticky in places but nothing a decent pair of well waxed skies wouldnít handle but sadly that doesnít sound like my well-worn skis!!! Back at the Col we stop the admire the view down the start of the first 5k run, truly breath-taking! The steep in places Follys red takes you past a huge rock, down through a deserted hamlet, through the trees to a button that finial links you into Aulps. Down to Aulps Station and up in the cable car where we then spend a couple of enjoyable hours using every one of their nine lifts at least once. There is a good variety of nice blues and some superb challenging steep reds but they didnít cause any problems as the snow made them easy to ski. Mag really got her mojo back as soon as she knew she could trust the pistes not to let her down!! She was having a ball:) Even the weather didnít dampen our fun when we got the odd light shower and the mountain scenery in this dark moody light is just beautiful:) A couple of highlights stand out, one when I followed a six year old snow boarder carving the piste with his Dad, I said to them I was impressed with the youngster and his Dad said it was only his second day on a board! And the other was when we did the Les Tetes red from top to bottom very steep in places but with 2/3 inches of snow it was just the best fun and with no lift queues anywhere we had the pistes nearly all to ourselves! We had our picnic at a table overlooking the stunning valley with Graydon village far below but it was a bit chilly to stay too long so after a few more runs headed up to the Col de Graydon (1800m) for our return 5k leg back to La Chevrerie. It was windy at the Col but we were soon whizzing down the steep path that leads to a flatter section, another steep windy bit before you come to a blue that runs along the river. Now getting knackered, as it has been nonstop for days, it was time to call it a day but not before we did the Torchon lift a couple of times so we did all the runs this area has to offer. In fact, we only missed a couple of their pistes all day! Then Mag went back to the van while I continued down to the main hamlet of La Chevrerie. There are a few buttons and several nice runs that are hardly used. Back at the van we had been out 5hours and had covered over 28 fun packed miles, although the weather was not great, we both agreed this was our best days skiing:) We were pretty wet now so quickly packed the gear away, changed, had a cuppa and cake before leaving La Chevrerie behind us, not that sad to go as it was raining hard now and it will be nice to get home for the rest. We drove over 80 miles and park up overlooking the Gorges of the Ain a few km from Nantua for the night.
What a top month in the mountains itís been - first 19 consecutive sunny and mild days, then it has been non-stop action all the way with 6 days skiing at 6 different small resorts, 7 days of walking/hiking and lastly our favourite mountain activity 10 snow shoeing expeditions which really do take you off the beaten trac. Itís been top, knackering action and adventure all the way with only one near death experience, I think our kids despair at their parents at times, grow up Ė not us!!!!!
We have a visit to the lovely Grandson Arlo to look forward to next week and it will be nice to get out on the windsurfer again and hopefully I can at long last have a go at foiling, that should be interesting!!!!

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