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26th February 2019
Hiking - Walking: No 8 walk – La Ronde des Deux Villages
Wind Direction:
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
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Weather: sunny and mild
Max Speed:
Distance Covered: 6 miles (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Tuesday 26th February – Walk ***** No 8 walk – La Ronde des Deux Villages in France – sunny and mild.

3 hours 35 minutes out, 6 miles covered.

Lovely quiet night all alone in the snowy camper aire in St. Point – Lac, right near the beautiful half frozen Lac. No plans for today so relaxing start watching the sun rise over the tree line, filling the van with warm sunshine on another blue, mild day. That global warming has a lot to answer for with such fantastic weather for February but early next week looking dodgy with rain/snow forecast! Mag did her exercises over by the Lac while I finished my book then sorted out the bed and washed my hair for the second time this trip before breakfast with the door open. Mag had already replenished our water supply from a nearby tap and had seen a notice board showing loads of interesting walks in the area. I got some more water so we are now completely full and then we went for a walk over to the Lac. St. Point – lac has a really nice water front area surrounded by reeds, a jetty for tourist boats, canoe racks and a tiny inlet with a wooden bridge, it must be a hive of nautical activity in the summer! Mag sat and broke off pieces of the ice and looked out for birds nothing out of the ordinary, loads of noisy coots, a grebe, two swans a few mallards and a solitary grebe but still a lovely place with the old town as a backdrop. We looked at the walk board and chose a 5.5 km. walk from this village to the next. I had already moved the bags in readiness for moving on but we thought it was too nice a day to travel and we are not in any hurry to get anywhere. We are not keen to go skiing as the resorts are still busy this week with the French half term continuing until Friday. Mag quickly packs a picnic I switch on the GPS and we leave the van at 10.50, I even had my shorts on to make the most of the stunning weather! I did a circuit of the beach area to get a line on Google Earth seeing several sparrows washing in the Lac before heading up to the lovely old church which is actually the start of the walk. There was a nice manger and crossing the road there were two very impressive huge copper pots outside was a Fromagerie, making cheese from cows’ milk as there are barns full of them all around these parts! There was even another walking notice board, they had spent a bit of money promoting them, lets hope the route was marked out! We followed the sign for no.8 up the narrow lane through the village soon turning off into the pine wood marked by yellow and blue lines:) We thought we had made a mistake not bringing our snow shoes as the forest track was snowy in places but also bare in others so in the end, we were better off without them. The birdwatching improved as we had already seen a Red Kite calling and circling overhead and we hadn’t been in the forest 5 minutes when we came across loads of Gold Crests, always a treat to see them:) The path wound its way up into the forest and we followed deer tracks on the entire walk but sadly no deer in sight! It was so quiet in the forest with just the sound of our feet crunching in the snow and no one in sight, just the way we like it. Then after 40 minutes in the trees we came to an icy lane and got our first look at the Lac but from up quite high and beautiful it looked too. We then headed down the lane to the second village of Les Grangettes but this was higher above the Lac. The walk on the map told you to turn right here but we continued down to the Lac in search of a picnic spot. There was some nice holiday accommodation here a small marina with dinghies, cats, canoes and even some old windsurfers all waiting for a thaw! Mag found a top picnic bench where we spent an hour watching the world go by:) Time to make a move along a road next to the water with several little fishing boats, many submerged and several broken. We added to the new birds spotted list seeing a Goosander and a Pochard:) The lane then turned right back to the village but we turned left and followed the footprints over the snowy field. This continued by the Lac before turning uphill where we found the proper marked footpath running up above the road which had several cyclists out doing a trip around the Lac:) We were soon back to St. Point – Lac and when walking past the cow barn directly behind our van we had a look in. It was a very sad sight to see it full of cows all tied up with a water and a food dispenser in front of them and a gulley for their mess behind and to think the poor things have to spend the whole winter like this:( Roll on the spring when they can get out on the pasture poor things :( We had been out 3 hours 35 minutes and were surprised to have covered nearly 6 miles it was definitely time for cake and a cuppa! I left Mag to finish another book and took my big lens down to the Lac for an hour just snapping the swans, coots, a couple of canoes and the locals enjoying the afternoon. Then back to the van for pork chops and a tasty haricot bean concoction Mag had made up!! very nice it was too. Treated to a nice red sky sunset and now everyone has gone home and we are all alone in the snowy aire, who knows what adventures tomorrow holds????

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