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27th December 2018
Hiking - Walking:  Peak Forest Tramway
Wind Direction:
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
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Weather: cloudy
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Distance Covered: 6.30 mles (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Friday 28th December - walk ***** – Peak Forest Tramway, Bugsworth Basin - cloudy.

Thursday 27th December – walk ***** Crosby Beach – cloudy.

After a full English breakfast prepared by Pauline (a big thankyou to Pauline and Mick for their fantastic hospitality over Christmas) my original plan was to take the train into Liverpool and then go on the ferry on the Mersey but in the end, we decided to go to Crosby Beach again to see the Gormley statues but this time with the tide in! So, Mag and I packed up our van to take our leave of Liverpool and then we went to the beach with Rob, Hannah and Arlo arriving at 1 o clock. With the tide now in, several of the metal men had only their heads showing. It does look very surreal especially as it was a still, grey day! We had a nice hour walking along the sand, even managing to find a little coal. Arlo was again loving paddling and playing in the dunes:) After saying our goodbyes - never easy but we will see them again early next year – well late January:) we headed off and went the route we came, avoiding the M6 and going over the hilly Peak District. As it started to get dark, we started looking for a spot to stop overnight, then just past Bakewell, famous for it’s tarts, I saw a sign to Bugsworth Canal Basin which was too good to ignore so we turned off left and soon found the end of the Peak Forest Canal where trains loaded lime onto canal boats and quickly found a nice place right by the canal. There were even some canal boats with their Christmas lights on even if the nearby A6 road was a little noisey! We went to bed really early because it has been an exhausting few days :)

Friday 28th December - walk ***** – Peak Forest Tramway, Bugsworth Basin - cloudy.

A good night in the van and the road noise went quiet the later it got. Our plan was to have a walk along the canal but probably not too far as we would like to come back with our bikes. Another cloudy day but not cold. We left the van after breakfast at 10.25 and walked up to the end of the canal to walk around the turning basin but Mag had already spoken to a local walking his dog who told her about the Tramway that ran several miles into the hills where the lime was quarried but he was not sure now far you could go? We saw the sign to the Peak Forest Tramway which turns out to be a cycle/foot path and really wished we had our bikes! This was too good an opportunity to ignore so we left the canal for another time and followed the Tramway to see how far we could get? The wide path followed a flowing stream gradually uphill surrounded by hills, just lovely even on a murky day! We came to a large factory, something to do with vinyl which had a pond with black swans on. That was followed by Chinley where a new housing site was being built with local stone. After the sewage works the Tramway path seemed to end as it was privately owned and the council are trying to re-route. We decided to turn left and walk to Chapel Milton to see the large viaduct. It was an impressive brick build viaduct where two train tracks converged into one. Then we did a short loop along the road before meeting up with the path again. Sadly, it had started to rain lightly as we headed back to the van. We had a walk around the impressive Bugsworth basin which must have been very impressive in its heyday. There was a visitor’s hut at the lock which showed old pictures including the trucks that transported the lime which freewheeled down to the quarry with a young lad sitting precariously on the side with a brake lever, health and safety didn’t exist in the 19th Century!!! The trucks were then pulled back uphill by teams of horses. Back at the van after being out 2 hours 30 minutes and covering 6.3 miles we had a well-deserved lunch before heading for home, the end of a top Christmas away and nearing the end of 2018. We had an amazing 145 nights away in our lovely little VW camper and didn’t pay a penny for any of them:)

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