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2nd October 2018
Windsurfing: West Mersea
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Stength: 18-22kts
Surf / Sea State: Bumpy middle flat edges
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: sunny cloudy
Max Speed: 26.9 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 16.9 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Another 10 star day at Mersea with the wind varying from 15-22+ kts in gusts. Didn't get there till midday and on the water about 1 after positive whats app updates from Squiz and Simon Chip'. Parked on the green, whilst locals launched from the club house. Only Squiz was on the green.
Plenty of water just after low tide and it was windy, measuring around 18kts steady sometimes dropping 14kts. Saw Simon was out on 7.8, thought Squiz was 7.8 (later found out he was on 7m) so stupidly rigged 8.5 thinking the forecast was to drop. I also accidentally fitted the 50cm fin on the bolt 135. The whole kit was way too big once I hit the middle. Didn't seem so windy from the beach in the cross off wind. I couldn't sheet in, the board was going crazy with a 50cm fin and the middle had horrendous swell / chop. Av never been so happy to see land on the far side at the power station. Flattened the sail beyond manufacturer’s recommendations and sat out the gusts. It appeared every time I stepped on the board the gusts came back, so took some spectacular wipe outs as headed down wind with the gusts thru the chop. Didn't enjoy the first hour as couldn't sheet in or go fast. Thankfully after the hour the sea improved and the gusts were less so had a ball for hour and half. Should have rigged 7.0 or 7.8, but have to say the Goya 8.5 Mark pro is either undersize or not a bad sail to be caught out in bad wind, as it didn't back handed as some sails do.
The Bolt 135 did behave outside the big gusts but should have loaded my 44 or 46cm fin. I could find Steve - only to find out later he had sail up the river to the old Radio Caroline ship and again covering huge mileage to my puny 16.9nm. I stay in the lighter winds areas and tried to avoid the chop by heading leeward of the club house in a nice bay. As the wind dropped I sailed back up near the boardwalk but was worried about hitting under water groins as I did previously. Had 2 major wipe outs that would have destroyed the nose but av now fitted nose bumper which save the board. Had several speed runs nearer the beach but most were in the 26kts. Cant understand why as was powered up at least 50 metres from the beach. The board seemed to be travelling fast but the GT31 was not reflecting that. Possibly the 50cm fin and 8.5, not the best speed kit. Had a max 26.9kts whilst Squiz hit 29. x somewhere. Sailed a little with Simon Chip' but there were many sailors about. Another great day at Mersea and very warm for October. Had a short sleeve suit on and was hot! Mersea def is OK in WNW, it was slightly off but the gusts just dragged you in no probs. The wind in the middle is a lot stronger than the edges though in a cross off.

Toys Used:
North Platinum 490 (imcs 28)
MK Carbon CP3 178 -228
MFC MFC H1 Slalom 50



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