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30th July 2018
Windsurfing: Felixstowe Dip
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 15-20kts
Surf / Sea State: rough
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: sunny cloudy
Max Speed: 24.3 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 9.1 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

First time out for a few weeks and missed several good sessions. Arrived afternoon just after high tide, sea rough wave head style which I don't like much, so sat and watch Steve S limping on a wave board / small kit. Wind was up and down, day warm so decided to wait for the lumps to die down. Pete C, Chris S, Ed, were rigging. As always I picked the wrong size. Squiz came in and changed to 6.5 which was OK and clearly I should have not rigged the same size. Yep went out with Hellcat 6.7 / 125 Bolt and wallowed. Lucky for me the 125 Goya Bolt was floaty enough to keep me upwind against a bad tide now running out with wind. Rigged 7.8 Goya rotational and plugged to my other Goya Bolt 135 and the wind came back and blew me off the water! What a poxy sport! Lucky to get back in one piece without damaging the sail, after catapulting on the nose which now luckily has a nose protector.
Went back to the 6.7 but stayed with the 135L as the 125 was back at the carpark, and although the combo was big the Goya Bolt does stay in control - if you fly the fin. If you allow the board to stay in the water its very bumpy! I decided to just sail and stay in control rather than chase speed as my GT31 battery was flat and only had my TomTom running watch which is not suitable. Had lots of learning runs on the board - after moving the straps inward.
Its a really nice board, very smooth when planning on the fin, as the whole bd sits high. The swell chop was very close going out in the SW wind so not ideal and the North Shoxs were working overtime, bottoming out on the second or third slam. Now using Rotationals in rough water for water start reasons and that really helped me enjoy a not ideal day. Others were enjoying it on smaller kit, so not a bad day.
Fin was too big at 46cm but I couldn't be bothered to change down, so cant blame the board. I continue to fall in on too many gybes due to carelessness. Trying to stay wrong side on wide bds is a waste of time IMHO so am going back to step gybes, boring but safer. Had one nice run on the 125L / 6.7 again loading the back foot to fly the fin straight into and over chop to test the board. It is knee jerking but doable as am heavy. I plan to just run those 2 boards, as I flogged my 111L Magic ride for a nice margin, to fund the Bolts. Straps are still in and very easy to get in the straps - but I notice the board hangs around a bit longer, time will tell if I move it out.
Toys Used:
NORTH 460 GOLD 460
MK Carbon CP2 160 - 220
MK CPX 160 - 210
ONeil reactor 3mm long sl XXL



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