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27th June 2018
Windsurfing: Felixstowe Dip
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Stength: 15-19kts
Surf / Sea State: Chop / Flattish
Air Temperature: cool / warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: cool then warm
Max Speed: 26.72 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 16.3nm (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Only had a couple of hours be4 picking up kiddies from their party so game on after dropping them off midday. Mike was the lone sailor going well, it was nippy and the sea dumping on the beach as tide was still high in the 15kts NE wind. Mike on 6.2 said he was just right so 7.8 / 135 for me. 1st time out on a Goya 7.8 rotational from Goya man Daz, and 1st time hoping to be powered up on the Goya 135 Bolt. Normally would have rigged 7.8 RRD firewing 3 cam sail but the sea was bumpy on the outside and the thought of my last waterstarts efforts made the rotational easy choice. Sail rigged easy so quickly on the water with Squiz launching same size sail. He planed straight away way out, but I struggled till I hit the wind band further out.
I thought it was going to be another non planning day - had 3 or more so far.
But all was good further out in the rough stuff. Board was flying and best of all it behaved in the rough water. The kit was sensational, well behaved. More sailors arrived and it was now warmer. Had a couple more sorting out the harness line runs when a part of the boom clamp broke. Lucky I could get the rope round the mast - waterstart and made it back to swop booms.
The tide was dropping nicely and the sea was getting better so started some speed runs from kite zone to dip car park, quite broad along the coast then kick up to the rough stuff to gain high ground. Squiz was doing the same whilst the freeriders was enjoying their close reaching. Daz beat all the way from the Manor end a good couple of miles away so prob done many miles just getting to the dip.
Waves were lumpy further out and finding that elusive gybing wave was hard. Fell in a few times there - then beat hard up to kite zone then let rip again. Well pleased with the Bolt board and the Goya Mark pro rotational sail, as both were easy handling. First runs were top end 25kts before started hitting a few 26kts on the inside. Felt I could go much faster, if more wind on the beach. Squiz and others were planning from the beach, but I still need 50 yards of wasted flat water to get the board going, so still too heavy, but travelled way down towards fludge so great long runs!, no need to worry about walk of shame as tide was good. I now have Cam and non cam kit and cant decide between the 2 types so keeping both in certain sizes! The rotational is quick to rig, gybe, and is great for waterstarts. So why don't I just sell the cams? Found the rotationals felt slow for the board, the pull on my arms was very hard just to get to apparent wind at speed. The wind gauge showed 15-19kts and am clocking 26kts - but on cam sails there isn't much pull on my arms at that wind speed. The wing shape is easier to control than the rotational, whilst on the deck at speed.
The rotational feels less powerful speed wise at the top end of the board speed as the wing keeps its shape whilst the roti seem lose shape if not held at the optimum shape it all the time.
The ease of water starting made it certain I will keep them though. I moved the Bolt straps in until I got used to them but now feel confident to move them out again. Itís really comfortable inwards but again I could not lift the windward edge to give it that railed sailing I like.
More tweaking, a 50cm fin for 12kts and 9.2 Phantom, strap outwards should complete the setup. One thing is for sure the Bolt which is a free race board is heavily biased to slalom, so def need to be powered up to enjoy it.
Loads of sailors turned up later to enjoy the perfect low tide conditions on a NE. Best sail this year.

Toys Used:
NORTH 460 GOLD 460
MK Carbon CP3 178 -228
MK Carbon CP2 160 - 220
ONeil reactor 3mm long sl XXL



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