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2nd March 2018
Hiking - Walking: Punta Entinas Sabinar
Wind Direction:
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: rained nearly all day.
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

Friday 2nd March – Rained off :( walk **** and short travel – rained nearly all day.

The wind did calm in the night and nowhere near as bad as the night in Mojacar but sadly woke to yet more rain and it hardly stopped all day:( You are completely stuffed in our little VW when it rains, you either have to travel or just sit it out! With the forecast not looking great especially in the Sierra Nevada mountains we are not sure whether to start turning back up but they are having some crap weather there too? So, we joined all the other campervans in our carpark and stayed indoors. The trucks parked beside us started work loading sand at about 7.30 but didn’t disturb us too much. We laid in, late breakfast, read, played cards did puzzles, ate, with the highlight being watching 15 cattle egrets looking humped off on the grass next to the van! At about 3 we couldn’t stand it any longer and with a lull in the rain decided to venture up the road. I had seen a lighthouse at the Punta del Sabinar just up the road and thought we might be able to spend the night there? This is a very odd area, very flat with the Punta Entinas Sabinar featuring etangs, large area of scrub and mile after mile of deserted beach but then as far as the eye could see were massive plastic greenhouses growing tomatoes and not very pleasing on the eye:( We found the turning to the lighthouse but the route was only for authorised vehicles so we parked at the end and decided to walk. It started past the etangs with a few flamingos and egrets but sadly it was mozzie heaven:( After half a mile we reached the lighthose which was still short of the beach by another half mile along a sandy track but we continued to the deserted beach, much nicer than the freshly raked manmade beach we had just left! Sitting on the only bush was a wet kestrel looking really fed-up and we could get really close, if only my camera would focus I could have got some great shots. There was a derelict building a bit down the beach so we walked there - to be followed our mate the kestrel and out to sea a cruise liner. Then it was back to the van as it started to rain so the umbrella had to come out and we were passed by a Police 4x4 out having fun on the sandy track! We then continued to the next town looking for a spot for the night. The first sighting of Almerimar didn’t look great just a golf course surrounded by holiday accommodation around a marina. Things then got worse as we passed the no campervan parking in town sign which was also at many of the carparks:( Things brightened when we saw the sign to the windsurfing shop run by Victor Fernandez a name I have heard from professional racing:) There was even a German with a windsurfing trailer. The next carpark looked even more promising with several campers with windsurfer’s parked up ignoring the no campervan sign! We continued to the large marina where several campers were in a chained off area which we were not sure now to access or if you had to pay? We had a trip around the marina before returning to the windsurfing Car park to take a chance for the night here. Three windsurfers went out late just sailing across to the harbour wall, I was not tempted as it was nearly dark and raining. The wind has again picked up really strong with heavy rain and several of the vans have moved away so not sure what to do? I think as its so foul we will just sit it out of hope for the best!

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